[How to make Jiwei shrimp sauce _How to make Jiwei shrimp sauce]

[How to make Jiwei shrimp sauce _How to make Jiwei shrimp sauce]

There are many people who love shrimp in life, and the people who buy Ki Wai shrimp are more common.

Compared with other shrimps, Jiwei shrimps are not only affordable but also relatively small in nutrition and other shrimps.

The most common way to eat prawns is to dip in the sauce. The tender and tender shrimps are served with delicious sauces.

In order to satisfy the tastes of the general public, the dipping sauce of Kiwi shrimp is also various.

Here’s how to make dipping sauce for Kiwi shrimp?

1. Vietnamese dipping sauce materials: 235 ml fish sauce, 180 ml rice vinegar, 45 ml water, 100 g white sugar, 1 g garlic powder, 1 dried red pepper (seedless and cut into fine pieces). Method: use a medium bowl, Mix fish sauce, rice vinegar, water, sugar, garlic powder and pepper, and stir until saccharified.

Taste it and make sure you have a reasonable balance of sweet, sour, salty and spicy.

Adjust the amount if necessary.

Then pour into the bottle and cover the shell.

2. Tomato dipping sauce material: 1/2 beef tomato, 1 tablespoon of weili fried sauce, 2 tablespoons of tomato sauce, 1 tablespoon of cold water, moderate amount of sugar, 芫荽 1 small method: do not like the taste of tomato skin, you can go firstPeel; draw a cross on the tomato, first blanch it with hot water, then soak it in cold water, you can easily peel off the skin of the tomato.

Cut the tomatoes into small cubes or chopped.

Add ketchup and stir well with cold water. At this time, you can try the taste. Those who prefer a sweeter taste can add sugar.

Stirring is complete.

Add the chopped ravioli before serving. For those who like heavy taste, you can use the nine-story tower for another flavor.

Peanut butter dipping sauce 3, peanut butter ingredients: 4 tablespoons of peanut butter, 3 cloves of garlic, 2 red peppers, 1/2 teaspoon of tomato sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of oyster sauce, 1/2 teaspoon of sugar, a small amount of lemon juice, less sesame oilGarlic cloves, chopped red bell peppers, spare lemon juice, pour sesame oil into the spare pot, add red bell peppers, fry the garlic, and add a little water.

Pour in peanut butter, consume oil, stir the ketchup evenly, add a little water to boil, add sugar and a small amount of lemon juice, add a little water to boil, add sugar and a small amount of lemon juice, and stir well.

[Cold cabbage]_Cabbage_How to cold_How to cold

[Cold cabbage]_Cabbage_How to cold_How to cold

I believe everyone is familiar with it, because cabbage is the most common vegetable in our lives, and cold cabbage is also a more nutritious and delicious method. Friends who know it can refer to the methods introduced below.simple.

First, practice ① shred carrots, peel apples and cores, and shred them for later use; ② mix cabbage shreds, onion shreds, carrot shreds, and apple shreds in a large bowl;Put the sugar, white vinegar, ginger, and mustard in a bowl and stir well; ④ Mix the sauce and shreds from the previous two steps and put them in the refrigerator for at least 3 hours. Take out and eat.

Second, the main ingredients: cabbage (400 grams) auxiliary materials: red pepper (15 grams) seasoning: salt (10 grams) white granulated sugar (40 grams) vinegar (40 grams) sesame oil (5 grams) production process 1.

After washing the cabbage, remove the leaves, and cut the stems with an oblique knife; 2.

2. Wash and shred the red peppers;

4. Reinforce the cabbage leaves in a heat-resistant bag, loosen the bag opening, cook in a strong microwave for 7 minutes, and soak in ice water.

Cabbage leaves are rolled into a tube shape, squeezed out and cut to a length of about 2 cm, placed in a vertical plate, and red peppers are spread on the vegetable; salt, sugar, black vinegar, and sesame oil are heated in a strong microwave for 2 minutes and 30 seconds, and mixed thoroughlyPour over the rolls and rolls.

[Loofah catfish soup]_Loofah catfish soup_Homely practices_Production method

[Loofah catfish soup]_Loofah catfish soup_Homely practices_Production method

It is the easiest and most effective way to make loofah into soup. Today I recommend that you use loofah with carp to make soup. The soup has high nutritional value and has good health effects on the body. First prepare the corresponding ingredients and then followThe steps will work.

I. Loofah catfish soup Ingredients: Seasoning: 75 g of lard (refined), 15
g of shallots, 8 g of ginger, 8 g of salt, 2 g of MSG, 25 g of cooking wine, 1 g of pepper, Yu Tengtang fresh and fragrant production method: 1.

Descaling the fish, gills, cut off the internal organs, wash, drain, put on the chopping board, use a knife to double the “ten” flower knife on each side of the fish; 2.

Loofah peeled, washed, cut into 6 cm sections, then cut into two, cut into strips; 3.

4. Put the pan on the fire and add lard. When it is hot to 70% or 80%, add the catfish, fry it slightly on both sides, and cook it with cooking wine when it is slightly colored;

Immediately add ginger slices, spring onions, and an appropriate amount of soup, cover the pot, and boil over low heat for 5?
7 minutes, fill the fish in the soup bowl when the fish is mature; 5.

Put the loofah into the pot, boil it on the high heat and boil for 3?
4 minutes, see the soup is milky white, when the loofah has been crispy, remove the ginger slices, spring onions, add salt and MSG, adjust the taste, and burn for a while; 6.

You can pour it out and pour it on the fish in the soup bowl. Sprinkle with pepper and you can eat.

Tips-Food: Catfish: Catfish should not be eaten with garlic, sugar, mustard, sea cucumber, honey, pork liver, chicken, pheasant, venison, and Chinese medicinal Ophiopogon and Magnolia officinalis.

Avoid tea before and after eating fish.

Second, the practice of loofah catfish soup Step 1 catfish remove the internal organs and gills, wash, and cut a few knife on both sides.

2 Ginger slices, minced garlic, chopped chives.

Heat in 3 pans, add some oil, and fry for a while.

4 Fry the other side.

5 Add ginger garlic garlic and fragrant.

6 Add cooking wine to fishy, and add water to drown most of the fish.

7 Boil, see, the milk is white, and cook on low heat for 30 minutes.

8 neutral time, peel and wash the loofah, cut the hob block.

9Boil fish, season with salt and sugar.

10 Add the loofah and cook.

11 Sprinkle with green onions.

Third, the practice of loofah catfish soup Step 1.

Sturgeon removes scales, gills and internal organs and rinses them.


Cut a few knives on both sides of the fish’s back and apply salt.


Place the fish in a dish, top with rice wine, and marinate for a while.


Ginger slices.


Heat the pan with cold oil and heat over high heat.


Add ginger slices after the oil is hot.


Place the spatula on the oil pan to heat the spatula.

Because the cold spatula tends to stick to the skin when turning the fish over.

Put the sturgeon in the pot and replace the medium-low heat.

Fry until browned on both sides.


Pour water into the fish body and simmer until the fish soup turns white.

(It is best to use hot water, the soup is easier to cook white. If it is cold water, it must be cooked over high heat, the fish soup will turn white.

) 11.

Add one tablespoon of rice wine, turn to medium-low heat after boiling, cover the pot.


Peel the loofah and cut off the ends.


Cut into roll blades.


Cook when the fish soup becomes milky white.

Put the loofah in the pot and cook for about 10 minutes.


Add in the right amount of salt.


Put onion segments.

18 years old

Put some chili sauce according to your preferences, and mix well before you can cook.

[How to make cute doll biscuits]_Homemade methods of cute doll biscuits_Encyclopedia of cute doll biscuits_How to make cute doll biscuits

[How to make cute doll biscuits]_Homemade methods of cute doll biscuits_Encyclopedia of cute doll biscuits_How to make cute doll biscuits

If you are not married, do you drift out alone to make a name for yourself.

Guangzong Yaozu.

You are respectable like this, but for you, who will take care of your diet, most people will not cook?

Well, now let me teach you how to make this cute doll cookie.


1 Add egg liquid in three portions and beat with a whisk.

2 After the butter is softened, add powdered sugar and salt and beat with an eggbeater until smooth (no need to pass) 3.

12 Each time, let the egg and butter fuse and add another 4 afterwards.

21 Sieve into low-gluten flour 5.

Knead into a smooth dough.

Knead the dough, don’t knead for too long6.

Roll the dough on a chopping board to a thickness of about 0.

3CM thin sheet, cut off the corners, and trim it into a chassis.

Cut out circular patches 7 one by one with a 5CM diameter die.

Place the cut out dough on a baking sheet (if the dough is not good enough to pick up from the case panel, you can use a squeegee to shovel), put it into a preheated 190 degree oven, and bake 15-20Minutes until the surface of the cookie is slightly golden yellow8.

Add milk chocolate to the bowl, heat over water, and keep stirring until the chocolate is completely melted.

Pictured is melted chocolate 9.

After the cookies are baked and cooled, pick up a cookie and dip 10 in the melted chocolate.

Turn it around and dip it again, as shown in Figure 11.

In this way, the doll’s hair is made.

Dip all the cookies in order and place the dipped cookies on a cooling rack / baking net12.

Put the remaining chocolate in the decoration bag, cut a small opening at the front of the decoration bag, and draw the doll’s eyes, nose, and mouth on the cookie.

When the chocolate is solidified, the cute doll cookies will be ready to fill our daily lives, and the health of food is closely related to our lives.

After reading the introduction of cute doll cookies, you really should learn by yourself and try.

In this way, you can eat happily, rest assured, and you can harvest healthy physiology.

[Can I drink milk with apples?

】 _Milk_Can you eat

[Can I drink milk with apples?
】 _Milk_Can you eat

Apple is one of the most common fruits. This kind of fruit can be eaten all year round. Apple is very rich in nutrients and rich in vitamin c and vitamin p. Eating apples often can increase the body’s immunity, especially the capillariesElasticity. In daily life, people like to eat apples and drink milk in the morning. So, can you eat milk with ease when you eat apples?

Can I drink milk with apples?
Everyone knows the nutritional value of milk. Drinking milk often has health benefits. However, pay attention to it occasionally. Some foods cannot be taken with milk.

Can I drink milk after eating apples?

Take a look below.

Do not drink milk within 1 hour before and after eating apples, because the protein in milk will solidify when it encounters fruit acid, which will affect digestion and absorption.

According to information, milk is broken down in the stomach under the action of pepsin and trypsin before entering the small intestine to be absorbed.

Once the protein in milk meets the fruit acid in apple, it will coagulate, which will affect the digestion and absorption of milk.

It is also not advisable to consume other acid fruits during this time.

80% of the protein in milk is casein, and the pH of milk is 4.

When it is below 6, a large amount of casein will aggregate, precipitate, and be difficult to digest and absorb. In severe cases, it may cause indigestion or diarrhea.

Therefore, acid drinks such as fruit juices should not be added to milk.

Eat apples to get angry?

Eating apples doesn’t get angry.

Apples are sweet, sour and cool.

With Shengjinzhike, appetizing effect.

Cold food is misfired, so eating apples won’t get angry.

The vitamin C content in apples is very high, but some people are not suitable for eating apples. For example, people who have dry mouth, dry throat, and red tongue and little moss, etc., who eat more apples are more likely to hurt the liver and have fever.

Normal people eat apples or drink orange juice after meals, which have the functions of degreasing, eliminating food, quenching thirst, and sobering up.

However, if you eat more oranges, you will get angry.

Oranges contain a lot of sugar, and eating an inch of orange can produce a 1400-calorie mark.

When a large amount of orange is not converted into a small amount of storage in time, and the demand for human activities cannot be consumed, it will cause an oversupply of conversion in the body, cause disorders of body function and dry tongue, sore throat, constipation, etc.Phenomenon is what people often say “eat more oranges and get angry”.

Remind that when eating apples, do not eat with betel nut. At the same time, it is not suitable to eat before meals or on an empty stomach. Otherwise, the organic acids contained in apples will stimulate the gastric mucosa, which is not good for the stomach.

Apples contain tannin, shrimp pigment calcium.

With the same food will produce non-digestible substances, easy to stimulate the stomach, vomiting and other phenomena.

Tannins in apples combine with proteins in pork to produce substances that are not good for human digestion, which can cause symptoms such as nausea and abdominal pain.

[Is oat cold or hot]_Food Properties_Efficacy

[Is oat cold or hot]_Food Properties_Efficacy

Oatmeal is a relatively common miscellaneous cereal. Many people choose to buy oatmeal for brewing and eating. This is convenient and can provide some nutrition for their body.

Of course, many people don’t know whether oats are hot or cold. In fact, some oats are not neutral foods.

And when eating oats, there are certain methods and taboos.

First, whether oats are cold or hot oats are neutral foods.

If you have a debilitating constitution, it is suitable to eat this.

If you have internal heat and hot and humid problems, then this kind of food is not suitable.

Second, how to make oats We all know that oats can be used to cook porridge or rice, but sometimes I get up late in the morning and the time is really poor, so it doesn’t prevent trying to soak the oats with boiling water or hot milk!

We need to extract instant oats, this kind of oats is more suitable for brewing, it can save time, and guarantee the taste!

Then use hot water or hot milk to brew the oats, and continue to stir evenly. You can increase or decrease the ratio of milk to oats according to personal taste preferences, and finally make a thick oatmeal, which is delicious!

In the morning or afternoon tea, it is good to drink some oats. In addition, you can add some dried fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and honey to the oats.

Third, the taboos of eating oats have many benefits, but also pay attention to the ingredients when eating oats.

The proper combination of ingredients brings the nutrition of oats more thoroughly, and the taste of oats will be better; the combination of ingredients of relative grams may cause damage to the human body.

In addition, it is recommended to eat oats at 40 grams per day.

1. Pay attention to the combination of ingredients and oatmeal and milk, which is beneficial for protein, fiber, vitamins, and the absorption of various trace elements; with yam, it can prolong life, and it is a dietetic treat for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.It can nourish the liver and stomach, moisturize the bowels, lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

2. It is not suitable to eat too much oatmeal at one time, it is not suitable to eat too much at one time, preferably 40 grams per day, otherwise it will cause gastric ulcer penetration or bloating.

3, the digestive system should not eat more because of high dietary fiber content of oatmeal, so gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, liver cirrhosis, gastric fundus varices and other patients with digestive diseases should not eat more.

[How to cook delicious wheat porridge]_How to make_How to make

[How to cook delicious wheat porridge]_How to make_How to make

Now people are eating more and more mixed food.

And most people do not pay attention to diet, so it will lead to an increase in people with stomach problems.

Treatment of stomach problems can only be done through Chinese medicine or drinking porridge.

People should when choosing a state.

Choose some coarse grain porridge, some millet, wheat porridge and so on.

Cooking porridge also requires skills and methods.

Let ‘s take a look at how to make delicious wheat porridge.

Wheat is the raw material of flour and the staple food of northerners.

In addition to protein, starch, calcium, phosphorus, and iron, wheat also contains vitamin B, amylase, oleic acid, and linoleic acid.

Wheat has a higher protein content than rice, and it also contains vitamin E, maltase, proteolytic enzyme, and amylase, which are lacking in rice, so pasta is easier to digest than rice.

The medicine of the motherland believes that wheat is slightly cold, has a heart, spleen, and kidneys, functions to nourish the kidney, nourish the heart, soothe the nerves, regulate the stomach, and eliminate heat and quench thirst.

When the wheat is washed, the frivolous and thin people are floating wheat, which has the effects of removing virtual heat, astringent sweat, and calming and soothing.

Wheat bran removes upset and quenches thirst, while the gluten washed with wheat flour water is sweet and cool, which is the best product in vegetarian food.

The function of Yiqi is to make wheat, water and sugar wheat porridge. The wheat is first washed with water, soaked for about half an hour and then washed again. Then it is poured into a rice cooker and then water is added.

Press the rice cooking button, wait for the rice cooking button to jump to the insulation button, and then add sugar (sugar amount according to personal preference) Ingredients: wheat wheat kernel 1 small bowl auxiliary material: water amount step 2

Pour into the pot 3.

Rinse 2 times with water 4.

Add the right amount of water 5.

Cover the shell with high heat and cook 6.

Turn to low heat after boiling.

In a bowl, pearl kernels are chewed in the mouth. Tips Wheat kernels are rich in nutrients and are definitely more nutritious than white noodles.

[Authentic Practice of Old Beijing Rock Sugar Gourd]_How to_Encyclopedia of Practices

璇磋捣鍐扮硸钁姦澶у涓€瀹氫細鎯冲埌鑰佸寳浜紝鍥犱负鍐扮硸钁姦鏄粠鑰佸寳浜祦浼犱笅鏉ョ殑锛岀幇鍦ㄥ叏鍥藉悇鍦伴兘鏈夊崠鍐扮硸钁姦鐨勶紝浣嗘槸鑰佸寳浜殑鍐扮硸钁姦杩樻槸鏈€姝e畻鐨勶紝鍏跺疄姝e畻鐨勫啺绯栬懌鑺﹀埗浣滄柟娉曟槸闇€瑕佸嚑閬撳伐搴忕殑锛岃嚜宸卞湪瀹堕噷涔熷彲浠ュ仛锛岃€屼笖鑷繁鍋氱殑浼氭洿鍔犳斁蹇冿紝鏈€涓昏鐨勬槸浠锋牸涔熼潪甯哥殑瀹炴儬銆傚啺绯栬懌鑺︽潗鏂欐柊椴滃北妤?00g ad?Clash of Realm?20g: Press 70ml:娌?tsp 沭 桶 Adze?锛夊皢灞辨鍘绘帀鏋滄焺锛屾礂骞插噣锛屾櫨骞诧紝鎴戠敤鍘ㄦ埧绾告媿骞诧紝鎸夊ぇ灏忓垎锛堟垜涔颁簡涓€琚嬶紝400鍏嬶紝鍒氬ソ40绮掞級鎴戝垎浜?0浠姐€傜敤绔规绌胯捣鏉ワ紙2锛夊皢姘村拰绯栦竴璧锋斁鍏ヤ笉娌鹃攨锛岀敤澶х伀鐔?5鍒嗛挓宸﹀彸锛堝悇瀹剁倝鐏姛鐜囦笉涓€鏍凤級鎴戠敤浜?3 闒 嗛 尃 尃 啃啃 啡 啡 啡 尡 尼 姼 呭 姭 姩 姩 囜 傜 傲 啋 忋 忋 忔 忔 協 園 尀 炕 鑺 鎺 綺 鎺 為 炲 史 岲 倌 團 過 記 で ㄧ 焰 逷 愂 逷 愂The following are the following: 5-7, 7-7, 7: The peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, the peak, and the peak. 3忕伀淇濇寔鍐掓场锛屼笉浣垮嚌鍥恒€傚皢绌垮ソ鐨勫北妤傝樃绯栵紝浣垮北妤傚厖鍒嗗潎鍖€铇告弧绯栨祮锛屾斁鍦ㄧ儤鐒欑焊涓奣ip锛氱啲绯栨祮鏃朵竴瀹氳鐢ㄥぇ鐏€傚啺绯栬懌鑺︽潗鏂欑孩鏋滐紝绾㈣眴娌欙紝鐧借姖楹伙紝鍐扮硸1鏂わ紝鐢滆湝鑻ュ共锛屾按1鏂わ紝绛惧瓙鍋氭硶1.鏋滅敤娴佹按娲楀噣锛屽帹瀛愬噯澶囥€?.鐢ㄥ皬鍒€鎶婄孩鏋滃熬閮ㄧ殑鑺辨妸鍎垮墱鍘汇€?.浠庝腑闂存í鐫€鍒囧紑锛屾妸绫藉墧鍑恒€傝繖鏍峰氨涓嶇敤鎷呭績浼氭妸鐗欑鎺夛紝灏忔湅鍙嬪悆涔熸病闂 銆?.鍦ㄤ腑闂村す鐐圭孩璞嗘矙锛屽悆璧锋潵浼氭洿鎰熼吀鐢滅坏杞紝娌¢敊锛佽繖鏄豹鍗庣増鐨勩€?.鍏釜涓€涓插叚涓竴涓茬殑杩欐牱涓茶捣鏉ャ€?.鎶婂啺绯栫啲鍖栵紝杈圭啲杈规悈鎷屻€?。鐔啺绯栫殑鏃跺€欙紝椤烘墜鍑嗗濂芥鏉匡紝鍦ㄤ笂闈㈡拻鐐瑰噳姘淬€傛湁涓嶉攬閽㈡鏉跨殑鐢ㄤ笉閿堥挗鐨勶紝涓嶇矘娌圭殑妗堟澘鏈€濂姐€?.鍐扮硸鍔犵儹鍚庯紝寮€濮嬪嚭鐜扮殑鏄ぇ娉℃场锛屽埆绠″畠锛屾悈鎷?9.鏈€鍚庡嚭鐜颁簡榛勬场娉★紝璧剁揣鐨勶紒鍏虫渶灏忕伀锛屼繚鎸佹俯搴﹀嵆鍙€傜敤灏忓嫼瀛愬線涓蹭覆涓奃 祰 绨 眮 銆?0.A braided umbrella and an umbrella?11.鍠滄鑺濋夯鐨勫氨鎾掍笂鐐硅姖楹诲皬璇€绐嶈兂鑶婄矖鐨勪笉琛岋紒 鑳宠唺缁嗙殑涓嶈锛?What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What’s the matter? What is the difference? What’s the difference? What’s going on? What’s going on? What’s going on?Crepe?1銆佺矘绯栫殑鏃跺€欏姩浣滀竴瀹氳蹇紒涓€鍑夊氨鍏ㄥ畬浜嗭紒 2銆佽鲸鍒硸绋€鏄惁鐔ソ銆傚緟绯栫█鍙橀粍鍙樻祿绋犳椂锛岀敤鏍圭瀛愭簿涓€涓嬶紝鏀惧埌瑁呮湁鍑夋按鐨勭閲屽喎鍗翠竴涓嬶紝鐢ㄧ墮涓€鍜紝鎰熻涓嶆簿鐗欍€佸緢鑴嗗氨琛ㄦ槑濂戒簡锛屾簿鐗欏氨鍐嶇户缁啲涓€浼氥€?

[How to make sweet potato stalks]_ production method _ practice Daquan

[How to make sweet potato stalks]_ production method _ practice Daquan

Although everyone is very familiar with sweet potatoes in life, they often eat some sweet potatoes. In fact, the sweet potato stem is also a very delicious food. The sweet potato stem is rich in vitamin C, calcium, iron and other trace elements. Eating sweet potato stem is good for the body.There are many health benefits. In the summer, the sweet potato stalk is the freshest and the sweet potato stalk is the most delicious. The method of sweet potato stalk is also very simple.

Actually, 300g of sweet potato stalks, 2 green peppers, 2 green onions, 2 slices of ginger, and garlic are the main ingredients of an ingredient. The sweet potato stalks are removed after removing the head in 3 steps, and the film is torn off.

Then go and tear off the leaf end, so that the two sides are torn, a sweet potato stalk is almost torn clean, even if it is not clean, it will not affect it.

Wash and cut into sections.

Shred the green pepper.

Cut the shallots into sections, shred the ginger, and smash the garlic.

Heat the pan with cold oil and pour the onion ginger garlic.

Pour the sweet potato stalks and stir fry for a while.

Pour in an appropriate amount of salt.

Pour in the right amount of allspice.

Pour in green peppers and stir fry for a while.

Add any MSG before serving.

Method 2 Ingredients: sweet potato stems, 250g lean meat, garlic, olive oil, salt, chicken essence, vinegar, cooking wine. Production steps: Step 1: Stir garlic.

Wash the pan, dry it, and pour in the appropriate oil. Then pour the prepared garlic into the pan, fry the garlic back and forth with a spoon, and use a small fire.

Step 2: Marinate the meat.

This must be prepared before frying the garlic. Cut the lean meat into thin slices, add some starch, salt and chicken essence, and then add some vinegar and cooking wine to adjust the taste.

Step 3: Fried meat.

When the garlic is fragrant, put the marinated meat in the pan, then fry it back and forth with a spoon, use a low fire, and don’t let the meat burn.

Remove the meat from the bowl when it’s almost cooked.

Step 4: Stir-fry sweet potato stalks.

First cut the sweet potato stalks one by one, then pour it into the pan with garlic and fry it back and forth with a spoon. Because the sweet stalks have little water, you can pour some water to help the sweet potato stalks cook.

Step 5: Pour in lean meat.

When the sweet potato stalks are almost fried, you can pour the lean meat you just cooked into the pot, and then fry them together, evenly dividing them together.

You can add a bit of water to make the meat and sweet potato stalks ripen quickly and not harden easily.

Step 6: Seasoning Road.

After frying for about 5 minutes, it is almost cooked, and then add the appropriate salt and chicken essence to the pan. You can also add appropriate vinegar and cooking wine at this time to adjust the taste.

[Cool companion lotus root practice]_How to do_How to do

[Cool companion lotus root practice]_How to do_How to do

Cold lotus root is a relatively common food. This is a kind of cold substitute. The lotus root has certain benefits to our body. Its nutritional value is also very high, and the practice of cold lotus root is alsoIt’s very simple, but there are still many people who don’t know the specific method, or haven’t understood it. So what is the method of cold lotus root?

Cold ravioli is a classic snack that belongs to Zhejiang alternative.

The main ingredients are lotus root, with delicious flavor, refreshing and tired, appetizing and drinking, and can also nourish yin and clear heat, moisturize dryness and thirst, and clear the heart and calm the nerves.

Method 1: Ingredient preparation: 500 grams of lotus root, 15 grams of soy sauce, 6 grams of refined salt, 2 grams of MSG, 3 grams of green onion, 3 grams of ginger, and 3 grams of garlic slices.

Practice step 1.

Wash the lotus root, peel it, cut it into pieces, blanch it with boiling water, remove the moisture, and fill the dish.


Add onion, ginger, and garlic slices to the ravioli, add soy sauce, salt, monosodium glutamate, and mix well.

Tips: Avoid using iron pans when cooking lotus root to avoid blackening of food caused by iron utensils, but aluminum alloy products can be used.

Practice 2: Ingredient preparation: Ingredients: One fresh scallion.

Excipients: salt, sugar, white vinegar, chili oil, pepper oil, sesame oil, chicken essence.

Practice step 1. Peel and wash the fresh ravioli 2. Cut the fresh ravioli into thin slices 3. Add boiling water and cook for about one minute 4. Remove the ravioli and soak in ice water (this step is very important and affects the taste) 5,Put the seasonings and mix well: Peel and slice the lotus root, simmer in boiling water until it is broken, remove and drain, and air dry.

Add ginger, white sugar, white vinegar, and salt.

Role: Lotus root vitamin C and crude fiber can help digestion, prevent constipation and arteriosclerosis, and improve blood circulation.

Method 3: Preparation of ingredients: ravioli, garlic, shallots, sesame oil, chicken essence, soy sauce, vinegar, pepper.

Practice step 1, after peeling the scallion, slice it in clean water, put it in boiling water and cook it.

2. Then flush the cold water, soak it in the cold water for a while, and pour a little vinegar (preferably white vinegar), and the wonton will not turn black.

3. Cut the garlic into pieces, and cut the shallots into small pieces.

4. Put the ravioli into a large bowl, add the chopped green onions and garlic.

5. Pour in the right amount of soy sauce.

6. Pour in an appropriate amount of sesame oil.

7. Pour in the right amount of chili oil.

8. Pour in the right amount of vinegar.

9, add the right amount of chicken essence.

10. Stir well.

Method 4 Ingredients preparation: simmer two pieces, the right amount of garlic, the right amount of small red pepper, the right amount of coriander.

Practice step 1: Peel the coriander and cut into thin slices, mince the garlic, cut the small red pepper, and chop the parsley.

2. Add an appropriate amount of water to the pot, pour the water into the cooking oil, and then place the scallion pieces in the pot. After the water is boiled again, remove it.

The removed scallions should be quickly washed in cold water and then drained for later use.

3. Add a spoonful of salt to the ravioli, mix a spoonful of chicken essence, and then place the minced garlic on top.

4. Pour a small amount of cooking oil into the pot, add the small red peppers and peppercorns after the oil is hot, and stir fry until the red peppers have a scent.

5. Pour the oil in the pot with the peppers onto the minced garlic, and the garlic aroma will come out immediately.

6. Stir in a little white vinegar, sesame oil, and cilantro.

Tip 1. It is best to choose the tip of the cold salad, this part is crisp and tender.

2. The sliced cymbals should be added to the water immediately, and then rinsed with water several times.

3. The sepals are easy to mature, so don’t chop for too long, so as not to affect the taste.