The two health treasures are different for men and women.


The two health treasures are different for men and women.

From a health point of view, a healthy diet and good sleep are two “magic weapons” for health, which are equally important for men and women.

However, due to the different physiological structures of men and women, health care should also be focused on each other.

銆€銆€Sleeping women: sleep “charging”, blood and full of sleep for women, its effect is no less than any health and beauty.

Nighttime sleep is the best chance for a woman’s body to supplement the “charge” of yin and blood.

Traditional Chinese medicine advocates “still yin and yin”, and women should rely on sleep to maintain a static state.

In addition, women’s health care also pays attention to “use of blood for use”, high quality sleep, breakthrough blood and blood.

銆€銆€Western medicine also believes that sleep is especially important for women, because women are greatly affected by endocrine. If endocrine disorders occur, women will have various discomforts and their faces will be bad.

Sleep is the best schedule for adjusting endocrine.

The quality of sleep is high, the time is sufficient, and the endocrine level tends to be constant and regular. Of course, it is of great benefit to women’s health and beauty.

銆€銆€Male: “Mid-term sensation” Lee yin and yang are not like women relying on sleep and beauty, but men’s sleep is also very particular about it.

Sleep is beneficial to yin and yang, recuperating, and can raise the kidney, which is very important for men.

Men who have made progress can follow the advocacy of the Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic and sleep “Mei Wu Jue”.

The so-called meridian, is 1 in the afternoon?
3 o’clock, sleep for half an hour to an hour, just can “yang”; 9 at night?
Going to sleep at 11 o’clock, and then starting to “nour yin”, this discharge into sleep is the best.

銆€銆€Dietary paper male: “Spermetic”, “antioxidant” two-pronged men’s diet should focus on “reinforcing kidney essence”, so you should eat more kidney-supplemented food, medlar, yam, chestnut, black sesame, lotus seeds and other foods have this effect.

In addition, experts also recommend that men should increase the supplement of protein to ensure the supplement of daily zinc, selenium and other trace elements.

銆€銆€The risk factors for harmful health in men’s lives are much higher than women’s, such as smoking, drinking, etc., so anti-oxidation should be another major focus of male diet.

Men can take anti-oxidant supplements as appropriate.

At the same time, some natural antioxidant foods are no less effective than nutritional supplements.

Grapes, tomatoes, mustard, broccoli, hawthorn, garlic, etc. all contain natural antioxidants.

銆€銆€Women: Loss of iron supplementation through menstrual blood is very important For women, although some of them may be after sleep, eating well is also a great alternative to health and beauty.

銆€銆€Iron supplementation and vitamins are very important for women. Menstrual blood can cause iron loss, while women’s outdoor activities are generally less than men, which may lead to insufficient vitamins in the body.

Women can eat high-quality protein, essential trace elements (especially iron), folic acid and vitamin B12 foods, such as soy products, animal liver (kidney) dirty, animal blood, fish, shrimp, chicken, eggs, largeJujube, brown sugar, black fungus, peanuts, black sesame seeds, walnuts and a variety of fresh vegetables and fruits.

Xiao Xin Ge’s entrepreneurial play twists and turns to teach you 3 months 3 million fans


Xiao Xin Ge’s entrepreneurial play twists and turns to teach you 3 months 3 million fans

Xiaoxin Ge began to embark on the path of Weishang in 2014, from an ignorant auto mechanic to a strong industry leader!

Xiaoxinge Xiaoxinge recalled that he had just entered the micro-business industry. At that time, he really didn’t know how to start, how to sell products through WeChat.

I don’t know how to promote it.

In the case of eating with friends, he knows the word Baidu, the website, the original things can be promoted like this!

So he found the network company to customize the first agent-like website for promotion, the turnover is still good, at the end of 2014, he earned the first barrel of his life 2 million, opened his own company, to 2016The whole industry began to change in the past few years. He began to notice that the short video has to come again. He started to play fast and he is very good at doing it quickly. The method he played is almost a team can copy, and he will learn.By 2017, the vibrato storm is coming. He has the experience of playing fast and started to test on the vibrato!

There are already 3 million fan matrix numbers!

The following is a case of Xiaoxinge giving other trainings. The vibrato training is a hot spot for the future. If you are optimistic, come and marry me. Take you 30 days to break through the millions of fans.

The most medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine


The most medicinal properties of traditional Chinese medicine

The most medicinal properties of Chinese medicine, how much do you know?

銆€銆€Xiaobian collected the following information for you, which is enough for reference. If you need to take it, please follow the doctor’s instructions.

銆€銆€The most important thing in the town is the sulphur-dampening of the sulphur–the most scent of scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scented scentedMost 鈥斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€斺€? The best of Sanqi Bu Yang – – the most velvet yin – – the most captured by the female scorpion – the most of the rhubarb cool blood – the most rhinoceros qi – 鏋砈hugan’s most — the most vegetative blood of turmeric — the most scent of Danshen qi — the most ginseng blood – 鈥斺€?the most spleen of angelica 鈥斺€?the most yam digestion 鈥斺€? The most beautiful of the gods – the most beautiful of the Fritillaria – the most of the Yinchen winds – the most independent of the gods – the most of the Zaoren Wenli – the aconite

How to do four acupuncture methods to treat knee arthritis


How to do four acupuncture methods to treat knee arthritis

Four acupuncture methods for the treatment of knee joint arthritis are common diseases of the knee joint. The main features of osteoarthritis include cartilage degenerative lesions and the formation of osteophytes at the joint edge.

Appropriate participation in physical exercise, strong muscles and bones, but to avoid excessive joint damage caused by joints.

To exercise the right amount of exercise, this can promote better absorption of nutrients by the bones, delay the aging of the bones, and avoid joint damage.

At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the elderly, it is best not to climb stairs, mountaineering activities, easy to cause joint soft tissue damage.

(1) Acupuncture therapy takes Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan, Heding, knees (the middle of the ligament), Liangqiu, Xuehai, Zusanli.

With a 2-inch needle from the Yangling Spring to the direction of the Yinling Spring, under the knee, the top of the crane with a 1 inch needle to stab people 0.


5 inches, 1 for the remaining points.

5 inch needle straight puncture 1 inch or so.

All use the flat-filled diarrhea method, leaving the needle for 30 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

(2) Moxibustion therapy takes three miles, inner knee, Yangguan, Yanglingquan, Yinlingquan.

Suspended moxibustion with moxa sticks, each time choose 2-3 points, each point of moxibustion treatment for 20-30 minutes, to local skin flushing, the patient feels comfortable temperature.

Once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

(3) Auricular acupuncture therapy to take the knee, the gods, sympathetic.

Use a strong needle stimulation, wait for the ear to become red and hot, leave the needle for 20 minutes, once a day, 10 times for a course of treatment.

You can also use the pill method, each time select the bilateral auricular points, insert into the pain, swelling, heat, and prescribe the patient to intervene 4-5 times a day, each time 2-3 minutes, 5-7 days to replace 1 time.
(4) Acupoint injection therapy takes Zusan, Yanglingquan, Liangqiu, Xuehai, Yinlingquan.

Replace 2-3 acupoints each time, use 10 ml syringe to cut off Angelica injection or Xinggufeng injection, use a 5 gauge needle to quickly penetrate into the replacement hole, and slightly insert it. If there is no needle, there will be no blood.Inject the liquid.

1 ml per hole, 1 treatment every other day, 10 times for 1 course of treatment.

Daily care points of the knee joint (1) Rest in time, avoid overwork, reduce weight bearing, pay attention to prevent further wear on the knee joint, avoid repeating the movement of the upper and lower floors, running, climbing, etc., to avoid knee sprains.

(2) Pay attention to the posture of walking and labor, do not twist and walk and work.

Avoid avoiding squats, because the weight of the knee joint is 3 to 6 times its own weight when squatting. When sitting and standing, it is necessary to change posture frequently to prevent the knee joint from fixing a posture and exerting excessive force.

(3) Prepare for physical exercise, gently stretch the knee joint, and let the knee joint fully move before participating in the exercise.

Is the habit of drinking water while eating and eating harmful to the body?


Is the habit of drinking water while eating and eating harmful to the body?

Have you found a problem, you will always unknowingly want to drink water when you eat, because Xiaobian also has the habit of eating while drinking water.

Then, is this habit very bad?

Is it harmful to the body?
In the case of dry food and insufficient secretion of saliva, it is no problem to drink some water when eating.

Especially for high-pressure mouth, throat disease, or the elderly, children, etc., soft food is easy to swallow.

Under normal circumstances, once the smell of the food is smelled, the saliva is secreted in the mouth. The saliva can also lubricate the food while the food is digested, and the brakes are swallowed.

In addition, when chewing food, it will further stimulate saliva secretion. Therefore, chewing slowly is more conducive to swallowing and digesting food, rather than using water to help swallow.

The digestion of food is mainly done in the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking water may reduce the concentration of saliva and replace part of the gastric juice, resulting in poor digestion and absorption of food.

Therefore, it is generally not recommended to drink while eating.

If you feel dry mouth, you can drink a bowl of soup before meals, and drink a little bit in the rice. The protein, oil and other ingredients contained in the soup will also stimulate the production of digestive juice, which can replace the absorption of digestive juice to a certain extent.The negative consequences.

Related recommendations to count the top ten fake nutrition common sense, do not be blush or face white when you touch the wine?

Can the amount of alcohol be practiced?

You don’t know the little common sense of drinking!

Eggs become poisoned eggs!

Do not know this common sense, a family of three food poisoning?

Eat more grain staple food can make kidney cure hair loss


Eat more grain staple food can make kidney cure hair loss

Nowadays, more and more people with alopecia are getting younger and younger, which makes many people very upset.

Hair loss is related to the rapid pace of life and work, as well as the mental stress caused by fierce social competition. It is also related to eating habits. Insufficient intake of staple foods is also an important “catalyst” for hair loss.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the grain can tonify the kidneys, and the kidneys are full of hair.

Due to the lack of blood in the body and the deficiency of kidney essence, the elderly often have hair loss. This is the objective law of the human body, long, strong and old.

Therefore, young people’s hair loss is beyond the influence of the overall image, and may also be a signal of kidney deficiency and blood deficiency in the body. These problems have been considered to be closely related to the lack of staple food replacement, because the lack of intake of staple foods may easily lead to deficiency of blood and blood.Insufficient kidney.

銆€銆€The daily food intake of each healthy adult is about 400 grams, at least not less than 300 grams, even if you are not eating staple food during weight loss.

In addition, proper intake of some foods that can benefit kidney, nourish blood, and hair growth, such as sesame, walnut kernels, longan meat, jujube, etc., will have a great substitute for prevention and treatment of hair loss.

Drinking health: drinking water should be the preferred glass


Drinking health: drinking water should be the preferred glass

Glass, enamel cup, ceramic cup, plastic cup, stainless steel cup, iron cup, aluminum cup, paper cup. When we go to the mall to buy a cup, all kinds of cups will break into our sight, especiallyThe brightly colored, uniquely shaped cups are even more eye-catching, picking them up and picking them up.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍛婅瘔浣犲惂锛屽枬姘存椂搴旇棣栭€夌幓鐠冩澂銆傘€€銆€Don’t think that the glass is just transparent. In all the cups, the glass is the healthiest.

Glass cups contain no organic chemicals. When people drink glass or other drinks, don’t worry that chemicals will be drunk into the stomach. The glass surface is smooth and easy to clean, so people drink glass with glass.Healthy and safest.

銆€銆€In addition, experts also advocate the use of enamel cups, because enamel cups are made after thousands of tons of high temperature smelting, do not contain harmful substances such as lead, you can use with confidence.

銆€銆€But for cups of other materials, experts have questioned.

銆€銆€Colorful cups are very flattering, but in fact there are huge hidden dangers in those bright pigments. When the cups are filled with boiling water or acid, high alkaline beverages, lead and other toxic heavy metal elements in these pigments.It is easy to dissolve in liquids, and people who drink liquids with chemicals can cause harm to the human body.

Plastics are often added with plasticizers, which contain some toxic chemicals. When using hot water or boiling water in plastic cups, toxic chemicals are easily replaced into water, and the internal microstructure of plastics has many gaps, which are hidden.Contaminated.

Therefore, experts reminded that when purchasing plastic cups, it is necessary to choose a cup made of food grade plastics that meets national standards.

銆€銆€In addition, there is a relatively large team in the water cup family, which is the “magnetized cup” and “energy cup” promoted by the merchant.

銆€銆€Medical reports at home and abroad do claim that magnetized water is highly targeted to human health, but not all magnetized water is beneficial to human health.

Only extreme magnetized water can improve the physiological function of the human body and enhance the role of health care, and only its magnetized water should not be drunk.

銆€銆€The magnetized cups we see on the market mainly use ordinary magnets, and the positive and negative poles are not divided.

Therefore, consumers should carefully identify when selecting a magnetized cup, and purchase a magnetized cup made of raw material (continuous).

銆€銆€In principle, the “energy cup” can also improve the function of the human body and play a health care role.

However, many manufacturers of “energy cups” on the market have not carried out this function to carry out practical physiological validation, exaggerating the role of the “energy cup”, and some even claim to be able to cure all diseases.

Experts remind consumers that when purchasing an “energy cup” with health benefits, they should recognize the legal certification given by the relevant departments and must not blindly follow.

Ten reasons to face sexual masturbation


Ten reasons to face sexual masturbation

The latest research by some of the earliest sexologists can make people’s understanding of masturbation more scientific, profound and perfect, so as to face masturbation with a more calm attitude, which has encountered a lot of criticisms and actually existed in general.the way.


Masturbation is a form of sexual behavior inherent in non-adolescents and singles. Many adult males and females, including married people, can persist in this masturbation throughout their lives.

銆€銆€There is a reliable proof that most adult males and about half of women often masturbate.

Of course, people aged 24-50 have more masturbation, and the frequency of masturbation of singles is higher than that of married people.

But in general, the degree of masturbation is mainly different from person to person, and different people can have a big gap, from rarely once or twice a year to once a day or more.

And all of these situations can be found among people who have a happy couple life.


Masturbation is not necessarily a substitute for heterosexual love.

銆€銆€Of course, sometimes masturbation may be an alternative to a couple’s sexual life, but it is not entirely true, because masturbation itself is a unique form of sexual behavior.

In real life, there are many people who are often eager for couples’ sexual relatives and have a happy couple sex life. They are still happy with masturbation.

銆€銆€In a special study abroad, masturbation or other independent activities are often a component of a person’s higher sexual vitality. Therefore, people who are more often masturbating may have a more extensive husband and wife sex life.

At the same time, some people prefer masturbation in a variety of sexual behaviors, and this is not because they are dissatisfied with the couple’s sexual life.


Masturbation can also be done with the lovers.

銆€銆€What is unexpected in the consultation and treatment activities of sexologists is that there are many lovers who have never talked about masturbation when they talk to each other. Even they often secretly masturbate, but they also want each other.Concealed from each other.

Of course, if the couple can relieve the shame and taboo of masturbation and can communicate with each other on masturbation, this will be an important step to improve the life of the couple.

Some lovers have found that both sides masturbating at the same time or watching their loved ones masturbate is actually a very pleasant way of sexual activity.


There is no such thing as “excessive masturbation”.

銆€銆€A long history of a large number of sexual knowledge books and marriage manuals suggests that if you don’t over-indulge in masturbation, there is nothing wrong with masturbation.

But the reality is that there is no standard of masturbation in the medical field, just like the standard of no substitute for sex life.

According to available information, whether masturbation causes physical damage, and how often it is repeated.

In most cases, people have a self-regulating mechanism for sexual activity. When a person feels that they have been sexually satisfied, he or she will lose interest in sex (including masturbation).

Because a person will experience sexual satisfaction when there are many orgasms, it must be specific to the person and the specific situation.

According to the famous sexologists Masters and Johnson, most of the men they surveyed have doubts about the so-called 鈥渆xcessive masturbation鈥? but each of them has different standards for what is 鈥渆xcessive鈥?

Those who masturbate once a month believe that masturbation once or twice a week is already excessive, and those who usually masturbate twice a day are considered to be excessive five times a day.

銆€銆€5, masturbation is pleasant, but also an effective way to alleviate anxiety. If from a purely physiological point of view, masturbation can indeed provide sexual satisfaction to some people.

Of course, if you are sympathetic to your relatives’ physical relatives in terms of a perfect sexual experience, masturbation may have some shortcomings.

But masturbation often provides a possibility for regular self-stimulation for some people, especially some women, and masturbation often gives them a deeper orgasm than sexual intercourse.

This also allows some effective stimulation techniques for masturbation to be transferred to the sex life of the couple.

However, some surveys show that one-third of college students believe that masturbation is the best alternative to sexual intercourse; about half of college students point out that masturbation is a pleasant and effective way to alleviate anxiety.


Masturbation is an effective way of cognitive experience and sexual response.

銆€銆€Many sexologists today generally believe that masturbation is always a healthy and normal sexual behavior, and it is also a good way to gain beneficial experience.

For men, if they learn how to better control ejaculation in the early stages of masturbation, they may have altered self-control in later sexual life; of course, if they try to masturbate in their early years,Rebound to reach orgasm, then there may be premature ejaculation in later sexual life.

For women, masturbation helps them better understand orgasm and how to do it to reach a climax.

Therefore, many of today’s sexual therapy training methods are based on masturbation.銆€銆€In fact, people have long discovered that women who have reached orgasm during masturbation are more likely to reach orgasm in the sexual life of couples in the future, and often have more seriousSexual desires, higher levels of sexual satisfaction and good self-evaluation.


Masturbation does not lead to weakness and distraction.

銆€銆€When the myth about masturbation can trigger various diseases, people understand that there is actually no morbidity caused by constant masturbation.

In the past, some sports coaches have warned athletes to avoid masturbation and other forms of sexual behavior in the face of the competition, because it will consume energy.

Because orgasm does relieve tension and makes people feel relaxed, so too many athletes say that the necessary sexual behavior helps them to win, and masturbation does not cause the body to lose a lot of function.


Frequent masturbation does not ultimately make men lose sperm.

銆€銆€It is widely said that the number of sperm that a male body can produce in a lifetime has a limited volume, and each ejaculation will cause the man to consume too much sperm.

In fact, from the time of sexual maturity to the old age, the insulin pellets that produce sperm have remained active, and sperm production will not stop after a certain number of orgasms are completed.

It turns out that the more sexually active a man is in his youth, the more his sexual vitality will be in the later stages of life, and the more sperm will be expelled from the body and ejaculation.


Masturbation does not cause homosexual behavior.

銆€銆€Many people question whether masturbation can affect a person’s sexual orientation and lead to homosexuality.

This is probably because masturbation is the pleasure that people get from their genitals and the pleasure of getting from the same sex.

This is totally unfounded.

The reality is that heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual people will have masturbation.


Masturbation is not essential.

銆€銆€Some people, especially some men, believe that lack of orgasm can cause damage to the human body. They worry that the accumulation of sperm or semen, or erection after erection does not reach high tide, ejaculation will endanger health.

Usually, the ability of the human body to produce sperm is accompanied by sexual vitality. When it is full, it will overflow, and the human body will adjust itself. It is not necessary to replace the semen.

Therefore, although masturbation has certain positive significance in human sexual experience, it is not essential for the physiological and psychological development.

7 big diet foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach and stay healthy


7 big diet foods can not be eaten on an empty stomach and stay healthy

Core Tip: Many MMs believe that weight loss must control the substitution of transformation, so often eat a lot of diet food on an empty stomach.

In fact, this method of weight loss is not wise.

Xiaobian introduces you to 7 big diet foods. These foods can not fully exert their weight loss effects, which will damage your health!

銆€銆€Dietary foods that can’t be eaten on an empty stomach: beverages, milk, and soy milk are rich in protein. If consumed on an empty stomach, protein will be 鈥渇orced鈥?into heat and consumed, and it will not be nourishing in weight loss.the goal of.
The correct way to eat should be to eat with some snacks such as bread, flour and other foods, so that the stomach is not empty, resulting in loss of nutrition.

Or it can be included two hours after a meal or before going to bed.

銆€銆€Second, yogurt yoghurt on an empty stomach, the health benefits of yogurt will be much reduced.

This wastes the nutritional value of yogurt.

You can take yogurt two hours after a meal or before going to bed, which can nourish health and promote digestion and laxative.

Do not let too many adults accumulate in the stomach and abdomen and cause too much.

銆€銆€Third, tea people drink tea, as long as it promotes digestion and achieve weight loss.

If you drink tea on an empty stomach, you will not be able to promote digestive function, and then replace the gastric juice, resulting in a decline in the digestive function of the stomach.

Moreover, it may also cause tea drunk, manifested as palpitation, dizziness, headache, fatigue and slight instability.

銆€銆€Fourth, frozen drinks can not eat fasting food: a lot of women in the summer to lose weight when they like to squeeze fruits and vegetables into frozen juice instead, which is not conducive to healthy weight loss.

Studies have shown that if the frozen drink is classified in the fasting body, it will stimulate the contraction and contraction of insulin. The long time will lead to the dysregulation of various enzymes and induce gastrointestinal diseases.

Moreover, during the menstrual period, it is not appropriate to replace frozen drinks.

銆€銆€First, the two fruits of persimmon and tomato are rich in nutrients, and can promote digestion and achieve the purpose of weight loss.

However, persimmons and tomatoes contain a large amount of pectin, tannic acid, which causes an increase in gastric acid secretion when consumed on an empty stomach, and a certain chemical substance contained in it combines with gastric acid to form a water-insoluble blocky impurity.It often causes abdominal pain after eating, causing stomach discomfort, stomach pain, and may form stomach stones in the long run.

銆€銆€Second, banana banana is a good diet food, low content and high nutrition, can reduce the conversion of weight loss.

Bananas contain a lot of magnesium. When eaten on an empty stomach, bananas will suddenly increase the magnesium content in human blood, causing magnesium and calcium imbalance, which will cause cardiovascular inhibition and a great substitute for health.

銆€銆€Third, hawthorn, orange hawthorn and oranges are conducive to weight loss, precisely because they contain a lot of acid, can speed up the stomach creep and promote digestion and weight loss.

However, if eaten on an empty stomach, they contain a large amount of organic acids, behenic acid and citric acid, which will increase stomach acid and cause bad stimulation to the gastric mucosa, causing stomach fullness, suffocation and vomiting water.

銆€銆€The above foods and drinks are foods that are not edible on an empty stomach.

Many people think that fasting can reduce the intake of food conversion, but also accelerate the weight loss.

As everyone knows, this will never fully exert the weight loss effect of these foods, which will damage your health.

And losing weight and damaging the body is not worth the candle!

Summer feels inexplicably irritated?


It turned out to be because of these!

Summer feels inexplicably irritated?
It turned out to be because of these!

The summer is hot and it makes people feel very annoyed.

If you encounter a little friction at this time, someone will explode in an instant.

The temper is hot by the sun, and there is no patience in doing things.

This state may be caused by the external environment affecting the balance of the body, as well as the mental stress.

External causes are hot and hot, sometimes sultry, people’s emotions are very depressed, no place is released, and the body is also very uncomfortable in the external high temperature environment.

In addition, the daytime time is shortened in summer, and the heat and humidity are continuously increased. People’s mental excitement is longer, so that the brain feels more exhausted and weaker in emotional management. At this time, it is more likely to cause other psychological problems.

The internal control itself has insufficient emotional control, or has a past history of depression. In a bad mood, it is more prone to physical changes, such as neurasthenia, loss of appetite, insomnia and so on.

Physical discomfort and psychological discomfort aggravate the cause of summer irritability.

There are several kinds of irritability in summer, and the discomfort leads to a depressed climate, which creates a favorable environment for bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, summer is very easy to infect some infectious diseases, some summer flu, upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal diseases, etc., or the arrival of women’s physiological period, high temperature heat stroke and other factors cause physical discomfort.

In the state of illness, the human physiological state is not good, and the natural emotional state is also very low and depressed.

For this kind of unhappiness caused by physical discomfort, we mainly start from the aspect of treating diseases, and properly adjust the mentality. When the body heals, the health takes up the high ground. At that time, the depressed mood naturally subsides.

2, people who cause affective disorder generally believe that the fall season in autumn or winter is more likely to cause depression, depression, but it is not. In the hot zone, the incidence of affective disorder in summer is higher than that in winter.Rate, as for this kind of emotional disorder, in simple terms, the mood is always low, and the adjustment is not enough, and I feel that I can’t change.

The more obvious physiological performance is to lose weight, worry, worry, loss of appetite, no passion and motivation to do things, inexplicably feel depressed.

For getting out of the summer emotional disorder, we must first ensure the law of life, adjust our work schedule, and let sleep and diet be restored, so that the body can slowly improve.

Psychologically can participate in some social activities, communicate with people, can also participate in some sports, release the body’s repression, of course, there is an effective way to sit and meditate, sit up and sleep before going to bed, sit quietly, empty the head, thisMeditation can significantly increase the hormones in the brain that resist depression, and gradually get out of the summer emotional disorders.

3, emotional stress caused by psychological stress to suppress the increase in the length of summer chalk, a large number of workers may work harder and work overtime in the summer, play outside on weekends, give them time to rest, high temperature and a tight life, will makeThe pressure in the human heart rises, feeling nervous, contradictory and worried, and the mood will inevitably feel depressed and uncomfortable.

In order to deal with this situation, the most important thing is to relax and give yourself some leisure time. You can do a foot reflexology or a massage to relax your body and mind. From the stressful work or study state, take a break.A short break can bring a good healing effect to your mind.

4, there is no reason, it is irritability. Of course, some people are not in line with the above situations, there is no pressure, there is no disease, but it is feeling upset, don’t worry, this situation also exists.

Everyone has an emotional ups and downs, just as the body sometimes feels very spiritual and sometimes has no strength.

So in a month we will have a short period of depression, without interrupting it, just like having a cold in the mood, patiently accompanying yourself and waiting for it.

At this point we can do something to ease the mood, and people who feel depressed and irritated can do it.

Music listening to music always has a unique effect of comforting people’s emotions. When the mood is not good, we try not to listen to too noisy songs. It is best to choose soothing or cheerful light music. In the melody of music, let your mood go withRelax and beat.

You can’t make mistakes in cleaning. This method of doing housework can divert attention very well. You can also exercise by the way, and you can see that you have cleaned up your home, and you have a good mood.

Finally, when you are in a bad mood, don’t try to compete with yourself. The more you want to be, the more unhappy you are. Try to do something else to divert your attention, run, hike, climb, swim and the like.

Helps the body to relax and exercise, which also helps us to vent and soothe.

Keep a good physical condition, maintain a good mental state, and wish you a happy life?