[Is oat cold or hot]_Food Properties_Efficacy

[Is oat cold or hot]_Food Properties_Efficacy

Oatmeal is a relatively common miscellaneous cereal. Many people choose to buy oatmeal for brewing and eating. This is convenient and can provide some nutrition for their body.

Of course, many people don’t know whether oats are hot or cold. In fact, some oats are not neutral foods.

And when eating oats, there are certain methods and taboos.

First, whether oats are cold or hot oats are neutral foods.

If you have a debilitating constitution, it is suitable to eat this.

If you have internal heat and hot and humid problems, then this kind of food is not suitable.

Second, how to make oats We all know that oats can be used to cook porridge or rice, but sometimes I get up late in the morning and the time is really poor, so it doesn’t prevent trying to soak the oats with boiling water or hot milk!

We need to extract instant oats, this kind of oats is more suitable for brewing, it can save time, and guarantee the taste!

Then use hot water or hot milk to brew the oats, and continue to stir evenly. You can increase or decrease the ratio of milk to oats according to personal taste preferences, and finally make a thick oatmeal, which is delicious!

In the morning or afternoon tea, it is good to drink some oats. In addition, you can add some dried fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and honey to the oats.

Third, the taboos of eating oats have many benefits, but also pay attention to the ingredients when eating oats.

The proper combination of ingredients brings the nutrition of oats more thoroughly, and the taste of oats will be better; the combination of ingredients of relative grams may cause damage to the human body.

In addition, it is recommended to eat oats at 40 grams per day.

1. Pay attention to the combination of ingredients and oatmeal and milk, which is beneficial for protein, fiber, vitamins, and the absorption of various trace elements; with yam, it can prolong life, and it is a dietetic treat for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.It can nourish the liver and stomach, moisturize the bowels, lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

2. It is not suitable to eat too much oatmeal at one time, it is not suitable to eat too much at one time, preferably 40 grams per day, otherwise it will cause gastric ulcer penetration or bloating.

3, the digestive system should not eat more because of high dietary fiber content of oatmeal, so gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, liver cirrhosis, gastric fundus varices and other patients with digestive diseases should not eat more.

[Encyclopedia of dried bean stuffing]_Materials_How to make

[Encyclopedia of dried bean stuffing]_Materials_How to make

In the Northeast China, there is a habit of drying dried beans, and then drying them in the sun. In winter, don’t put them in the flavor. In winter, you can use dried beans to stew meat, or you can use dried beans to make buns.Soak the dried beans in warm water.

Then cut the dried beans into small dices.

Add the right amount of pork belly filling and you can use it to wrap the bean curd buns.

It tastes more delicious.

Ingredients for dried bean stuffing stuffing: pork belly, dried bean paste, sweet potato noodles, flour, water, onion ginger seasoning: soy sauce (30 ml), sesame oil, peanut oil, watercress sauce (15 ml), salted dried bean stuffed buns-bun stuffingSecret 1, cut into small pieces of pork belly, add soy sauce, watercress sauce, minced green onion and ginger, and marinate dried beans, soak in water for about an hour, there will be no change after soaking for a long time.Then chop 3, add the right amount of peanut oil and sesame oil to the bean curd, add the pork belly and mix well, add a small spoonful of salt 4, and then add the soft noodles and mix well to share this filling. Everyone is better than me.Well, there are a few key points for this stuffing. 1. Use pork belly, take a closer look at my stuffing. There is enough white meat. This is fragrant. 2. The meat must be diced. Do n’t chop it into meat. 3. The most important thing isYes, be sure to put noodles.

After the noodles are soaked in water, add boiling water and cut into small pieces.

The filling with noodles is particularly moisturizing and won’t be dry and firewoody.

I tried the nutritional value and effect of dried bean jelly without adding noodles. Dried bean jelly can supplement nutrition. Dried bean jelly is a nutritious dish, which can provide a lot of protein for the human body, and a lot of carbohydrates and vitamins.After absorbing these ingredients, it can effectively improve the functions of various organs of the body and reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

2. Dried carob silk can promote digestion. Dried carob silk can promote digestion and increase people’s appetite. It is rich in vitamin B. This vitamin can speed up the secretion of digestive juice and accelerate the movement of the stomach and intestines after entering the human body.It can also inhibit the activity of choline in the human body, so that it can promote digestion and increase appetite, and has a significant relief effect on human appetite loss and indigestion.

3, dried bean carbohydrates can be anti-virus downgraded. A large amount of vitamin C exists in dried bean carbohydrates. After entering the human body, it can accelerate the synthesis of antibodies in the human body, which can inhibit the damage of the virus to human cells. In addition, the phospholipids in dried bean carbohydrates can alsoAccelerating the secretion of insulin in the human body, accelerating the metabolism of sugar in the body, it can have a certain effect on lowering blood sugar, and it is especially suitable for people with diabetes.

[Is it possible to eat green fruit during pregnancy?

]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

[Is it possible to eat green fruit during pregnancy?
]_Pregnancy_Can you eat

Biscuits are also known as American pecans. Many of the biscuits that people eat now are imported from abroad. This is a very famous nut all over the world. It even tastes very good.Is very rich in nutrients. In addition to protein and sugar supplements, it also contains a variety of vitamins and minerals. Eating beetroot can supplement the qi, so can women during pregnancy eat it?

Can you eat beetroot during pregnancy?
Can pregnant women eat beetroot?

Pregnant mothers can eat beetroot.

Bigan fruit is known as “longevity fruit”. It is a nut that combines deliciousness and nutrition. It is suitable for the general population. It is also beneficial to the body for pregnant women.Has the effect of brain health puzzle.

In addition, pregnant women often eat beetroot has the effect of moisturizing and beauty.

However, the editor reminds that although the root of the papaya is good, don’t eat more, 5-8 capsules a day is more appropriate.

Because the oil content of Pycnogenol (40% -50%) is relatively high, it is easy to gain weight if you eat more, and it will also affect blood fat.

In addition, the price of beetroot in the market is relatively expensive, and it is still possible to buy a small amount.

Benefits of pregnant women eating birch fruit: 1. The nutritive value of birch fruit is high, and there are more than 30 nutrients such as protein, vitamin C, b1, b2, e, linoleic acid, calcium, zinc, and iron.Each kilogram of betel nut is equivalent to the nutritional value of 5 kg of eggs or 9 kg of fresh milk. Pregnant women often eat certain benefits to the nutritional supply of the fetus.

2. Pycnogenol has the effects of strengthening the brain and strengthening the brain. Moms who eat during pregnancy can supplement the nutrition of the brain, improve brain circulation, strengthen brain power, and the babies born are also smarter.

3, betel nut hypertension oils, vitamin C, vitamin E and other nutritional ingredients, have emollient effect, often eaten can make the skin moist and smooth, elastic, pregnant women during pregnancy have a larger reproduction, sleep is not very good, eatThese green beetroots can make the skin stretch and tender, and the complexion looks smooth.

In addition, green root fruit has the effect of UFA.

4. Relieve fatigue and stress.

After the pregnancy period is lengthened, pregnant women usually feel tired, and eating some green root fruits has a good relief effect.

5. In addition, Pycnogenol has the effects of nourishing kidney, replenishing qi and nourishing qi, preventing arteriosclerosis, reducing hypertension, protecting the liver, etc. It is a good health food for men, women and children.

Yangquan Coal (600348): The performance exceeded expectations by 0.58 times PB severely underestimated

Yangquan Coal (600348): The performance exceeded expectations by 0.58 times PB severely underestimated
Event: On August 23, 2019, the company released its semi-annual report. The company’s revenue for the first half of the year was 155.2.6 billion, down 7 every year.68%; net profit attributable to shareholders of the listed company is 10.63 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.06%. Comment on the first-half performance exceeding expectations: In the first half of 2019, the company realized a net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies of 10.63 ppm, an increase of 20 in ten years.06%, net profit attributable to mother 5 in the second quarter.3.4 billion, an annual increase of 38.81%, an increase of 0 from the previous month.93%, more than we expected. The cost control is good, and the gross profit of the coal business has improved significantly: According to the announcement, the company’s coal production in the first half of 2019 increased by 7% in continuous production in 2017, and its sales volume fell by 3432, down by 5.11%, inventory of 167 budget, downgraded by 4 every year.57%, mainly due to the further decline in coal purchase groups and subsidiaries16.01%.Revenue per ton of 佛山桑拿网 coal was 419.4 yuan / ton, a decrease of 4 per year.36%, the cost per ton of coal is 337.85 yuan / ton, down 7 before.93%, gross profit per ton of coal reached 81.50 yuan / ton, an increase of 13 in ten years.92%.The budget for producing coal in the second quarter is 1002, and the annual value-added is 2.98%, down 1 from the previous month.28%, sales growth of 1636, annual decline of 14.88%, down 8 from the previous month.91%; ton coal revenue reached 429.79 yuan / ton, down by 1 every year.39%, an increase of 4 from the previous quarter.86%; the cost per ton of coal is 335.17 yuan / ton, down 8 before.65%, down 1 from the previous month.51%; gross profit per ton of coal was 94.61 yuan / ton, an increase of 37 previously.3%, an increase of 36%. In terms of different types of coal, the company’s lump coal sales increased in the first half of the year, while the end coal and pulverized coal declined: According to the announcement, the company sold lump coal 243 in the first half of 2019.82 At least, value added 12 every year.2%; sales of 138 tons of pulverized coal, a decrease of 21 per year.08%, sales of coal 2939.77 initially, down 5 per year.33%; sales of slime 109.7 initially, 7 declines each year.35%.At the lowest level, the price of slime has fallen the most, falling by 25 per year.4%, followed by lump coal, with prices falling by 7.27%, and the price of refined coal drops by 3 per year.85%, the price of pulverized coal fell by 0%.15%.The cost reductions were all at 7.More than 5%, so gross profit per ton of coal is higher. Capacity Expansion: 1) According to the announcement, the Wenjiazhuang Coal Mine Reconstruction and Expansion Project in Yangquan Mining Area has been resettled. The Wenjiazhuang Mine’s production capacity has been replaced by 90 / year to 500 tons / year.Total project investment 39.140,000 yuan (excluding mining rights fees).After the reconstruction and expansion is completed, it can contribute to the increase of production.2) The Boli Coal 500 can further increase the production index. According to the company’s disclosure of the capacity index replacement plan, it is planned to replace the capacity of 272 from within Yangmei Group.Every year, the external replacement capacity is 227.In the year of 80 / year, the transaction of external replacement capacity has been completed. The acquisition of 131 liquidity indicators from the group this time, the transaction price is 1.5.7 billion.According to the semi-annual report, the current construction progress of the Boli Coal Industry is 15.04%, after production is expected to contribute to the increase in output. It is planned to issue no more than US $ 2 billion of preferred shares, which is expected to reduce financing costs and increase performance: According to the announcement, the company plans to issue non-public preference shares of no more than 20 million shares at a nominal value of RMB 100 per share and a total issued amount of no more than USD 2 billionThe raised funds are intended to be used to repay loans from financial institutions or replace other interest-bearing debt.The issue of preferred stocks will help the company reduce its asset-liability ratio, optimize its financial structure, and also reduce financing costs, which will help the company’s performance increase. Accelerator for national reform in Shanxi: According to the Shanxi Daily report, the strategy of April 15 strives to achieve an overall listing and two “zero breakthroughs” in the listing of new shares. Existing listed companies should strengthen market value management and gradually increase the asset securitization rate. “As the group’s only coal listed company, the company is expected to benefit from Shanxi’s national reform. Investment suggestion: It is expected that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent in 2019-2021 will be 21.42/22.00/24.03, the corresponding EPS is 0.89/0.91/1.00 yuan / share.Considering the overall rebound of the coal sector, the company’s current PB is only 0.At 58 times, we think the company is severely undervalued and given a “Buy-A” rating with a 6-month target price of 7.12 yuan, equivalent to 8 times PE. Risk warning: coal prices have fallen sharply, costs have fallen below expectations, and new capacity construction has been slower than expected

US Jim (002621) 19Q1: US Jim’s consolidated listed company officially changed its name to early education leader Kaijiang expansion Q1 profit increased by 875%

US Jim (002621) 19Q1: US Jim’s consolidated listed company officially changed its name to early education leader Kaijiang expansion Q1 profit increased by 875%
A Brief Comment on Performance 重庆耍耍网 US Jim released the first quarter of 2019 report: operating income was 1.2.4 billion / + 218% per year, net profit attributable to mother is 0.17 ppm / + 875% YOY, net profit after deducting non-attribution is 0.16 ppm / + 1210% YOY with a gross profit margin of 67.7% / + 40.7pct, net profit at home is 13.7% / + 9.2pct, net interest rate after deducting non-attribution is 13.2% / + 17.0pct, selling expenses 6.5% / + 2.0 points, management costs 25.9% / + 2.5pct, R & D expenses 1.4% /-3.5pct, financial expenses 2.3% / + 4.3 points.Since November 30, 2018, Tianjin Meijim’s consolidated consolidated statements have contributed significantly to revenue and profits.Affected by the consolidation of US Jim, it is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to its mother in 2019H1 will be 303.6-35.15 million yuan, an annual increase of 300-350%. Established in 1983, China has been in China since 2010, and it has spread to 30 countries and regions around the world. It is an internationally competitive early education brand.As of December 31, 2018, Tianjin Meijiem had a total of 434 “Mijim” brand early education centers across the country (94 in 2018 and 71 in 2017).In the future, the company will accelerate and steadily promote the joining of US Jim and the operation of direct store operations, and plan to expand overseas markets such as India, Russia, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan.US Jim’s core competitiveness includes the following aspects: ① advanced teaching concepts and curriculum settings, brand influence and excellent management team and corporate culture.Established in California in the United States in 1983, Meijim’s early education brand has been established for more than 30 years. Currently, children’s education centers have been established in 31 countries and regions around the world.And its founding team has many years of sales and management experience in education companies.② Mature business models and refined service standards have rapidly expanded it.The company mainly adopts the franchise model to develop its business. Through continuous exploration and accumulation, it has developed a set of standardized and replicable early education center opening and operating service standards, and formulated refined and perfect customer service standards.Irregular inspections urged all early education centers to strictly implement them. Has officially changed its name to US Jim.Since April 17, 2019, the company has adopted the new name “Dalian Meijim Education Technology Co., Ltd.” and the new securities abbreviation “Meijim”, and the company’s securities code (002621) remains unchanged. Investment suggestion We estimate the company’s net profit attributable to its parent to be 1 in 19-21.32/1.54/1.9.3 billion, corresponding PE is 55/47/37 times. Maintain BUY rating and target price of 27.5 yuan. Risk warnings indicate that the rapid expansion of management has increased in severity; increased manufacturing performance; the risk of goodwill impairment; financial costs may improve risks such as rising costs.

Aerospace Electronics (600879) Third Quarterly Report Review: Production Maintains High Prosperity and Progressive Performance Increases Promote Improvement

Aerospace Electronics (600879) Third Quarterly Report Review: Production Maintains High Prosperity and Progressive Performance Increases Promote Improvement
On October 30th, the company released the third quarter report of 2019, and realized operating income of 92.$ 8.1 billion, an annual increase of 2.20%; net profit attributable to mother 3.51 ppm, a 10-year increase2.42%. The net profit of the review revenue steadily increased, and the substantial increase in inventory showed that the company was active in production. In the first three quarters of 2019, the company achieved operating income of 92.81 ppm, a 10-year increase2.20%; net profit attributable to mother 3.51 ppm, a 10-year increase2.42%, solid performance growth. In terms of gross profit margin, the company’s overall sales gross profit margin for the first three quarters was 18.33%, an annual increase of 1.68%; but the sales expense ratio, research and development expenses and financial 北京桑拿洗浴保健 expenses increase by 27 each year.75%, 36.47% and 19.47%, a higher growth rate; management costs increase by 7 per year.76%. From the balance sheet perspective, the company’s inventory increased from 75 in the same period last year.9.2 billion to 100 this year.1.7 billion, an annual increase of 31.93%.The company’s main products are expected to be sold by production. The substantial increase in inventory indicates that the downstream economy is relatively high and the company’s production is active. The company’s revenue growth may accelerate in the future. Primer’s preliminary plan for adjustment and reform has been completed. It is completed within the year. Primer is a specialized company in the design, production and sales of directional equipment for the military. It has now become one of the largest manufacturers 武汉夜生活网 of directional instruments in China.Products cover all major oil fields in China.Due to the continued downturn in oil prices, Plymouth has been interrupted for many years. At the end of last year, the company withdrew a large amount of bad debt losses and inventory impairment, which became the main factor that dragged down the company’s overall performance last year. This year, the preliminary plan for the adjustment and reform of Plymouth has been completed, and strives to complete the business adjustment of Plymouth within this year. The adjustment will bring the company’s overall performance back to normal level. The downstream overall unit promotes competitive procurement, and may coexist with challenges. The company’s aerospace electronics products include measurement and control communications, aerospace-specific electromechanical components, integrated circuits, inertial navigation, etc., mainly in the aerospace field such as launch vehicles, spacecraft, satellites, and missiles.In the field, it maintains a domestic leading level and maintains a higher matching ratio.The scale of the report, the company faced complex market trends such as the overall expansion of aerospace model units, rapid replacement of supporting products, increased demand for localized applications, and fierce competition in component products. The company took new contracts as the goal and actively responded to market changes.Actively communicate with the aerospace model general unit, make every effort to promote the supporting of new model products, and realize the supporting application of new technologies and new products. Based on the technological advantages of the aerospace supporting field, actively expand new market areas.The company keeps pace with the competitive procurement of defense equipment and the upstream marketization reform process. On the basis of solidifying the traditional space market, it has strengthened the tracking of new models and tasks and the promotion of new products.The company vigorously promotes cooperation in the aerospace external market area, and has established new strategic cooperation platforms with aviation, ships, soldiers, the Chinese Academy of Sciences and universities, etc., and has now undertaken a variety of aerospace external model supporting tasks and added thousands of users. Participated in the list of double-hundred enterprises in the state-owned enterprise reform, and paid attention to the progress of equity incentives. In 2018, the “double-hundred action” of the state-owned enterprise reform has been officially launched. More than 100 central enterprise subsidiaries and more than 100 local state-owned backbone enterprises will fully implement the enterprise from 2018 to 2020.Reform the “1 + N” policy requirements to give full play to the role of demonstration breakthroughs.Aerospace Electronics is divided by the “double hundred” list. The objectives of the “Double Hundred Actions” include the promotion of mixed ownership reforms, a sound corporate governance structure, a sound market-oriented operating mechanism, a sound incentive and restraint mechanism, and the resolution of problems left over from history.In principle, all “double-hundred companies” can choose one or more medium- and long-term incentive tools. Expanding the pilot range of employee shareholding will give preference to “double-hundred companies”. It is recommended to focus on the company’s equity incentive progress. The restructuring of the institute has entered the implementation stage, and the Institute of the 9th Academy of Aerospace has injected a high degree of hope.The restructuring of the Institute marks the official start of the transformation of military scientific research institutes, and the reform of military scientific research institutes has entered the most critical stage of implementation.The company’s controlling shareholder, the Nineth Academy of Aerospace, has 13 high-quality scientific research institutes, including 13, 16, 704, 771, and 772, mainly research and development and manufacturing of aerospace-grade integrated circuits, inertial navigation and other technologies, and the company’s main businessIt is closely related. After the restructuring, it is expected to inject into listed companies and stimulate vitality, and further improve the profitability of listed companies. Earnings forecast and investment rating: Steady growth in performance, equity incentives and institutional asset injections are worth looking forward to. Maintaining an overweight rating company as a supporting leader in aerospace electronic equipment, benefiting from the development strategy of aerospace power, stable growth can be expected; drones,The gross profit of two types of system-level products of precision guided bombs is relatively high. Through the gradual elimination of the effects of military reform and the continuous advancement of the national “Belt and Road” strategy, the future volume can be expected.The restructuring of the institute has entered the implementation stage. After the restructuring of the affiliated research institute of the Nineth Academy of Aerospace, it tried to inject into listed companies.It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to mothers from 2019 to 2021 will be 5 respectively.29, 6.03, 7.10,000 yuan, with annual growth of 15 yuan.83%, 14.00%, 16.27%, corresponding to 19 to 21 years of EPS are 0.19, 0.22, 0.26 yuan, corresponding to the current expected PE is 30, 27, 23 times, respectively, maintaining the level of overweight.

Does scraping really become more painful and darker?

Does scraping really become more painful and darker?

Many diseases can be treated by scraping, but how can scraping be most effective?

Do you really want to get darker?

Does it really hurt?

  Regardless of the strength of the force, the more effective the scraping is, the better the scraping is, and the darker and more purple the scratch is.

Actually, in general.

Scraping of the problem area will be painful and very slow before red stasis occurs, and the discoloration speed will be slow.

And the normal part is red and fades quickly.

If the scraping site is not correct, the skin red and purple is a microvascular rupture phenomenon, which is not effective and may cause skin and wounds.

  In fact, whether it is acupoint meridian or not, once it is repeatedly patted and squeezed, it will cause pain.

Unhealthy parts will not feel smooth when shaved, and the pain is just “general pain”.

  Under normal circumstances, young people who are healthy will fade in 2-3 hours, and most people disappear within a day.

Even older and seriously ill people disappear in 2-3 hours.

However, if you scrape it hard or scratch it, the scar will not disappear for a week or two.

Some people work harder because they can’t scrape the pimple, but in addition to the wrong method, the pimple can’t be scraped recently or they are too sick to be scraped.

  Other patients who received false scraping felt comfortable after experiencing the pain of death, and mistakenly thought that scraping worked.

In fact, the so-called “pain” followed by “fast” is the normal physiological response of the body after major stimuli.

Learn to be a fairy employee

Learn to be a “fairy” employee

Workplace Law: Even if you are a Maxima, do n’t die waiting for Bole to find you. It ‘s not like “Thousands of horses are common but Bole is not often.” Besides, there are so many thousands of horses in the world, so take the initiative to catch the boss ‘s eyesBoss heart.
  Make a move: Slam the Soul Bell hard, sleepy eyes, mutter “I hate Monday the most”, still have to twist the fat body to fulfill the mission-wake up the master.
The clever thing is that this fat cat knows exactly what he is paying: as a host, you have to make money to support me.
Because of this, it has both the glorious glory of “Don’t dream of me anymore, I’m here”, and “I want to stab me?”
Want Lai Pi to go to work?
This was useless to me, and I had to make a cheap move. “Such a deadly self-knowledge, not only succeeded in completing the task, but also made it difficult for me to lose temper.
  It’s important to find out the preferences of your boss. It’s amazing to show your own advantages if you don’t.
If the peacock turns on the screen every day and others are accustomed to it, it is self-destructive to get bored.
Is Maximal always called Maxima?
Mr. Jiang Yilao’s “Everyone is easy to speak, I am taciturn; What is difficult to say, I am easy to speak, is not vulgar” is still a well-known saying. If you use it flexibly and see the timing, everyone is bright, I am not brightIt is difficult for people to light it, and I will light it.
Stand out naturally.
  OL should learn to attract the attention of the boss, make a small mistake on purpose, the law of the workplace: In general, no leader will want employees to behave better than themselves.
I believe everyone knows what happened since the ancient times.
Therefore, don’t be overly savvy and competent in front of leaders, and occasionally make small mistakes, which will not only shorten the distance between you and the leader, but also make you feel cute.
  Tips: Pulling down the toilet flush when taking a bath in Abuku because of anxious breakfast, because he hates chemical spices, he swapped his breakfast with Abuku.
These little bad things didn’t make Abu Ku’s love for it less. You can see that he isn’t just shouting a towel while happily getting Garfield’s liver-flavored breakfast, and gently watching Garfield greedily eat breakfast.
I believe that even if I knew that he had been “repaired” by Garfield, he was just crying with a smile: this ancient and spooky fat cat.
  The workplace in the new era also needs “fairy” employees, but it is not the appearance of a “generation of fairy girls”. The one that is only suitable for two people’s home shows.
The smart MM understands that the workplace also needs to make an innocuous little mistake like Garfield occasionally, letting people see that your elf is cute.
Even in a serious workplace, who can not be smart and cute MM?

Wanting a muscle diet is key

Wanting a muscle diet is key

Men want to be stronger, they want to have developed muscles, they want to have more muscles, both exercise and diet are very important. The structure of diet is very important.What are the precautions?

I hope to help everyone, especially male friends, through a reasonable diet, you can make yourself stronger. If the diet is not reasonable, but exercise, then the effect is not so good, we must pay attention to thisLook, men exercise muscles and diet is key.

  The variety of foods should be very disgusting if you eat almost the same thing every day.

Just like we often change the training plan to produce boring feeling, you have to change your recipe often, the best way is to buy different foods every week.

This not only balances your interests, but also allows you to understand how your body responds to different foods.

Don’t eat the same thing.

  Whey protein, sportsman’s choice Want to become healthier overcoming power, seeing the body-building effect of exercise instead?

This should not only pay attention to scientific exercise methods, but also pay attention to the nutritional supplements needed for muscle repair and growth.

Whey protein has repeatedly been proven to be an ideal nutritional choice for beneficial exercise and overall health.

Nowadays, more and more fitness men directly drink whey protein powder, or consume products such as sports drinks and nutrition bars supplemented with whey protein, to ensure timely and adequate supply of high-quality protein, and nutritionally enhance the fitness effect.
  Constantly adding three meals a day will only make you eat a lot of protein and your aunt, which will bring poor absorption and excess meat that goes against your wishes.

For fitness enthusiasts, every 2?
Eating at 3 hours is the best state, so that the muscles can get a steady stream of nutrition, and will not cause slight accumulation due to excessive nutrition.

For many office workers who are nine to five, it is difficult to have such conditions, and long-term fasting at work also means muscle loss.

For those friends whose vision muscles are as important as life, choosing a nutritious meal pack or energy bar instead of a meal is a great choice.

  8 essential amino acids for efficient nutrient supply Whey protein is high-quality “whole protein” because it contains 18 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids required by the human body. In this case, whey protein is also “fast protein” becauseIts amino acid composition ratio is appropriate, which is almost the same as the amino acid composition ratio in skeletal muscle, which is very easy to be used by the human body.

Whey protein provides pure and high-quality protein, which can enhance the enhanced abdominal sensation, reduce the use of heat, promote slight utilization, and optimize body composition. Transformation, whey protein is still known in the research to improve the body’s antioxidant capacity.The only supplemental protein synthesized by glutathione, which enhances immunity and improves overall health.

It is for these reasons that whey protein has become the IN choice of the fitness family.

Drink one or two spoonfuls of whey protein powder before and after exercise, simply, quickly and efficiently replenish high-quality protein to fuel your health!

  20g Whey Protein Easily Creates Shaped Male Whey Protein is a selective milk protein that can synthesize the branched chain amino acids required by muscle, especially leucine.

Implanting 20 grams of whey protein after exercise can greatly promote muscle recovery, help maintain muscle well-being, and promote use by adults.

More muscles, aunts of the retina, means better body composition and more shapely and healthy body.

Whey protein-containing nutrition bars or sports drinks generally provide 8?
30 grams of whey protein.

  For men to train muscles, diet is very important. As we have said above, it is very important for men to pay attention to dietary choices for muscle training. It is very important to pay attention to balanced diet. Generally, we eat a little partial eclipse, so when exercising,You need to develop a plan, including diet, exercise and living, so that you can get better results.

The health crisis behind the kiss

The health crisis behind the kiss

The sequelae of a passionate kiss can always sweep the sexuality of lovers in an instant.

Don’t think that the trouble of infection can only occur after improper kissing process. At present, there are quite a lot of research reports showing that modern kisses are not bad for health.

  A female graduate student from a French medical school pointed out in her graduation thesis that a typical French kiss can cause people to swallow 250 bacteria at the same time. How many problems can a kiss cause?

In just 45 seconds of kissing, in addition to the conversion that can consume 12 calories, what are the chain reactions that affect health?

  First, the periodontal problem The oral cavity is the place where the body’s bacteria breed most. Even multiple germs cannot escape the disinfection of gastric acid, but a large number of bacteria that leak out of the net can still cause health concerns.

  When passionately kisses, the state of selflessness often makes people lose their mind instantly. In this case, the most common occurrence is to accidentally bite the other’s mouth and suck it. Xie Yihua pointed out that when the time comes,However, it is no longer just exchanging saliva, but entering the state of blood and water fusion, especially when there is a wound in your mouth, it will easily cause diseases such as periodontal disease and gum inflammation. Therefore, it is recommended that when there is a wound in the mouthIt is best to reduce intimate contact with others.

  Second, rupture of the eardrum is not just kissing the ears, kissing too embarrassingly. When it is hot, it will cause an imbalance in the pressure of the eardrum. Under sudden pressure, cracks or even damage to the eardrum will occur.

  Although this type of traumatic eardrum rupture will lose about 20 to 30 decibels of hearing and heal itself after treatment by a doctor, it is still recommended that you be able to restrain your emotions a little and do not use your hands when kissingCover each other’s ears to give each other more breathing space.

  Third, is fatal allergy so exaggerated?

It ‘s just a kiss. Why would you have to be in the emergency room the next moment?

That’s because the other person ate your sensitive ingredients beforehand.

  Because when eating, there will be some food residues in the mouth. In the posture without cleaning the mouth, these residues must take more than 8 hours to be completely decomposed. Therefore, if the meal is used,It’s best to brush or rinse your mouth before kissing, or to change the way you kiss your cheeks.

  Your doctor recommends that if you experience breathing difficulties or physical discomfort during or after the kissing process, it is best to seek medical treatment as soon as possible, even if you have never experienced such a problem.

  Fourth, the herpes virus mouth inexplicably grows a number of painful and itchy small blisters, and the more it grows, the more it grows. Yes, it ‘s the kiss that made you get herpes.

  Simple herpes simplex often occurs in young children with weak immunity. Such small blisters and mouth ulcers can be cured after one week of treatment, but in fact these stubborn herpes viruses still lurk in the body.Wait until your resistance weakens again.

  If you find a small blister or an ulcer on the corner of the other half of your mouth, do n’t kiss him. Although the other person is cured, herpes virus may be transmitted to you.Times too!