The latest outdoor game HASH revealed

The latest outdoor game HASH revealed

In a busy modern life, what do you spend all day tired of playing in a rare place?



Play a killing game?

Nowadays, a game is quietly rising in Shencheng.

In the park, in the wild, there are such a group of people who call themselves “hounds” and chase “rabbit” together. They yell in passwords in English while running, totally disregarding the eyes of others watching.Being fined . If you don’t know what HASH is, then you should check out the following article. How can you miss out on such a novel way to catch up with fashion?

  What is HASH HASH stands for HASH HOUSE HARRIERS, translated into Chinese is hunting dogs chasing rabbits.

A rabbit is played by one person, and a route must be designed by the rabbit in advance, and various marks are left all the way in the park and in the wild with chalk or flour, and the end point is set.

A group of people playing hunting dogs is to find the end based on these marks.

Don’t think you just follow the mark, the sly rabbit will not let you find the end so easily!

Sometimes there are several direction-pointing arrows at an intersection. Hounds have to split their heads to find the correct route. If anyone finds a sign indicating the wrong road, they should notify their associates. If they find the right road, they must also notify!

HASH embodies the spirit of group cooperation. Hounds must work together to find the rabbit’s nest.

But don’t think that it is OK to reach the end, another important part of the game has not yet played!

Those who violate the rules during the game are punished!

What is punished?

a cup of beer!

  You will surely smile: it’s just a glass of beer, what’s the big deal.

In fact, punishment is the essence of HASH’s nonsense spirit. What would it feel like to drink on the ice?

What if you change your wine glass to a urinal, spittoon or leather dumpling?

We can guarantee that the container is absolutely clean, but when you face the yellow liquid in this shape container, can you drink it without any association?

  This is HASH. People who play HASH are mainly white-collar workers with stable income, ranging in age from 25 to 40, and have a positive and optimistic life concept.

We walked into HASH in order to relieve the stress in our lives or to break the fixed life.

In the game, everyone puts down the shelf, in search of the innocence of the long-lost childhood.

HASH is not only a game, it gives a reason for exercise, the search for road signs and makes exercise a fun thing.

  HASH rules introduce the rules of the game exercise rules: characters: rabbits, judges, hunting dogs, captains of hunting dogs, and roles. Rabbit: There are usually two rabbits in the game. They are responsible for setting the line and leaving marks along the way.

These signs are real and deceptive.

In the game, the arrow indicates the correct path, the cross indicates the wrong path, and the two circles are the end points.

  Hunting dogs: The largest number of HASH are hunting dogs, with numbers ranging from 10 to 30 or more.

The hounds have to follow the rabbits all the way. The game time is generally 2 hours. At this time, finding the correct route to reach the end is successful.

  Judge: There is only one judge in the game, which is responsible for monitoring the violations of the hounds and rabbits, and punishing the last penalty.

  Rabbits are “dead” and “live”. Hash games are played differently between dead rabbits and live rabbits.

Dead rabbits are marked by rabbits. Hounds follow the mark to find the end point within two hours. Even if they succeed, failed rabbits will be punished.

  The rule of playing live rabbits is that the rabbit runs 10 minutes in advance, leaving a mark along the way, which cannot be chased by the hound, otherwise the rabbit will fail to accept the punishment, and the hound will be punished if it cannot reach the rabbit’s nest within two hours.

The prescribed time of the game is generally adjusted according to the length of the route.

  Drinking on ice Drinking on ice is the last spoof of HASH.

When the hounds reach the end, the judge will declare everyone’s guilt: such as taking a short route, disregarding associates, etc., guilty guilts such as: you are too handsome or too beautiful, answering calls during the game, eating during the gameWait, the so-called sin of addiction is no problem.

Those who are counted as guilty are sitting on ice to drink beer. The containers for drinking are very different urinals, skin dumplings and the like. Although the container is clean, if you cannot resist your rich imagination and cannotAfter the prescribed time, the rest of the wine will be poured on you.

Master the massage method to let you slim down your waist

Master the massage method to let you slim down your waist

When summer is over, girls can wear beautiful flower skirts and put on their favorite high-heeled shoes, but how can the fat girls in the bucket waist wear to be beautiful?

I used to hear people say that wearing a high-heeled fat girl is like an awl, but this is an insult to others!

Xiaobian is very atmospheric, so Xiaobian decided to support the fat girls, so that they are all successful slimming, with a slender little waist.

Don’t be a fat girl in the retina yourself, don’t be mad at watching your own excess meat, take action!

The following massage weight loss methods can be tried.

First, directly massage 1 belly: the palms of both hands are pushed down from the abdominal xiphoid to the upper edge of the pubic symphysis, and even pushed 12 times; 2 insert the two hands into the left and right sides of the abdomen, push down from the costal rib to the pelvis, and push for 12 times;3 Place your left hand around the umbilical cord, press your right hand on the left hand, press the navel, and turn it clockwise and counterclockwise for 12 times.

Second, after the sea salt massage method, grab a sea salt, massage the abdomen clockwise acupuncture 50 times around the navel, then massage 50 times counterclockwise, then massage the hands up and down 50 times.

Sea salt promotes the body’s discharge of waste, promotes micro-metabolism, replenishes the skin with minerals, and makes the abdomen skin firm and firm.

Stick to 1-2 months, you will find that the waist is shrinking!

Third, the rotary motion is lying on the bed, hands are placed on the chest, the back is close to the bed, the legs are slightly curved, the head and upper body are turned to the right side, and the legs are turned to the right. After stopping for a few seconds, the head and upper body turn to the right., the legs turn to the left, repeat this set of actions 1?
In 2 minutes, you will feel a slight fever and sweat in your abdomen.

Stick to the week, the thin waist effect will be visible soon!

It is said that this seemingly simple movement is also the secret of Nikkiman’s maintenance of a wonderful figure!

In addition to sports, good habits are also a good way to keep fit.

Usually girls should maintain a chest and abdomen posture.

Look at the graceful figure of the dancers. They usually walk in this position, let the waist and abdominal muscles be in a state of tension, better consume a little, and help to exercise.

When you have time, you will be on your waist and abdomen, especially before going to bed at night.

Slim waist is the desire of all women.

Refining the beautiful waistline to better show your beautiful figure and body.

Work hard, in order to meet the beauty of the sun, spend more thoughts, Yang Liu small waist will chase you.



The Chinese date is a genus Elaeagnus in the family Elaeagnusaceae.

Heilongjiang, Jilin, Liaoning, northern Hebei, Inner Mongolia, Xinjiang, Henan and other places are planted or wild, edible fruit, fruit and bark are medicinal.

  Sexual fruit: sour, sweet, cool.

Bark: Sour, slightly bitter, cold.

  Alkaloids are isolated from the stems and roots, such as Halman, tetrahydrohalman, dihydrohalman, 2-methyl-1, 2, 3, 4-tetrahydro-b-carboline; othersStill contains caffeic acid, chlorogenic acid, neochlorogenic acid; leaves and dried branches contain catechin and epicatechin.

  Functional skin: heat and cooling blood, convergence and pain relief.

Fruit: Spleen and relieve diarrhea.

  [妇女白带]  沙枣树皮15克,水煎服。  [外伤出血]  树皮研末外敷。  [消化不良、胃病、肠炎下痢]  沙枣15克-30克,水煎服。  [烧、烫伤]  树皮120克、黄柏30克,加水1500毫升,煎至300毫升、过滤,用药液喷洒或纱布湿敷伤面,一日2次。

Beginner’s Supplement: Yoga Meditation Sitting

Beginner’s Supplement: Yoga Meditation Sitting

The purpose of yoga meditation is to achieve inner peace and tranquility.

The true yoga meditation postures are all meditating.

Meditating is further subdivided into seven types: simple sitting, half lotus sitting, lotus sitting, perfect sitting, auspicious sitting, Siddharth Ruup sitting, thunderbolt sitting.

  Through these sitting postures of yoga, we can also benefit the body, strengthen two hips, two knees, two limbs, nourish and strengthen the nervous system, eliminate and eliminate rheumatism and arthritis.

  Simple sitting Simple sitting is a comfortable and comfortable sitting position.

You can adjust the sitting position according to your needs, and some can sit on the mat with legs crossed.

If you have a disease in your knees, you can straighten one or both legs forward.

  1. Sit on the ground with your legs straight forward 2. Bend your right calf and place your right leg at the heel of your left thigh 3. Bend your left calf and place your left leg under your right thigh 4. You can tie your hands with a fingerprint, Put on two pointers, it is best to put your hands on top of each other, put your thumbs on your legs 5 and sit in this position, you can increase by 10 minutes and 20 minutes.

  Single lotus seat 1, sit on the ground, with a small pad, stable enough, legs straight forward 2, bend the right calf, put the right foot tightly on the left thigh at 3, bend the left calf, put the left legPlace it on your right thigh 4, with your shoulders straight, your jaw inward, your hands folded, your thumbs on your legs 5, and you can sit in this position for 10 minutes and 20 minutes in increments.

  People with sciatica and sacral problems are not suitable for this exercise. Double lotus seat 1, sit on the ground with a small pad for stability, straighten your legs forward 2, bend your right leg, and place your right foot on your left thigh.With your feet facing up 3, bend your left calf, put your left leg on your right thigh, your feet facing up 4, your shoulders straight, your jaws inward, your hands folded, your thumbs on your legs 5, and you can sit in a posture10 minutes, 20 minutes in increments of 6, after each meditation, massage the knees, thighs, two-points and two calf leg muscles: (1) Crossed legs reduce and slow down blood circulation in the lower body, thereby strengthening the upper body,, Especially the blood circulation in the area of the chest and brain; (2) it is conducive to sitting upright, so that the respiratory system is not blocked, which is very conducive to smooth breathing; (3) for people with high blood pressure and bronchitisFractures; (4) Energize the nervous system and strengthen the spine and abdominal organs.

The lotus seat stimulates the digestive system, relaxes the two weights, the two knees, makes the thighs strong, makes the two hips, and the legs soft; (5) prevents and treats rheumatism; (6) reduces the blood flow to the half body.Sitting in a different seat does not cause congestion; (7) helps to make people’s body stable and peaceful, the mind is peaceful, active and alert; (8) is beneficial to people with neurological and emotional problems; (8)9) From a yoga perspective, this position is extremely suitable for breathing exercises and meditation.

It results in the ascension of Prana, the air of life, from the spinal root airwheel.

It is for this reason that it produces a more peaceful, quiet and alert state of mind.

This is why it is useful for controlling impulse and maintaining abstinence.

  Note: After each meditation, massage both knees and double digits.

Once your knees or legs start to feel uncomfortable, it is best to lift this position immediately.

After you have temporarily tried it for a month, you still can’t feel the pain, the pain has disappeared, so don’t try it again.

  Perfect sitting is considered to be the most important posture. In the philosophy of yoga, there are 72,000 meridians in our body, and the vitality of our lives circulates in these meridians. Therefore, perfect sitting helpsClean up these meridians and make them unobstructed.

  1. Sit on the ground with your legs together and segment forward at the same time.

  2. Bend the left calf, grasp the left foot with both hands, and firmly hold the heel of the left foot against the perineal area.

(That is, between the vagina and the anus) 3, then bend the right calf and place the right foot above the left foot.

  4. Place the right heel close to the pubic bone and the bottom of the right foot between the thigh and lower leg of the left leg.

  5. Keep your back, neck and head upright.

  6. Now close your eyes and start looking inside.

Inside vision is actually looking at everything after closing your eyes with your heart after closing your eyes.

I saw the light group when I was the strongest.

What ordinary people practicing Qigong will see is not incredible.

  7. Most people do n’t know what to look at and what they can see, so when you close your eyes and look inside, let your eyes stare at your nose.

Once you have a goal, you will feel more comfortable.

  8. Keep this closed eyes position for a long time.

It depends on your situation.

Some people may only last a few minutes at first.

When you can calm down slowly, you can persist for a long time.

  9. After opening your eyes, let go of your feet, rest for a few minutes, and try again on the other leg.

  Tips: You can sit down at will, but you must keep your back, neck and head upright.

  Efficacy: calm and peaceful, and has nourishing and strengthening effects on the lower half of the spine and abdominal organs.

Enhance the vitality of life, and have the effect of controlling sexual desire.

  The thunderbolt sits on one, two knees kneeling on the ground, two calves and insteps on the ground.  2. Keep your knees close together and the two big toes crossing each other, so that the two heels are beyond your fingers.

  3. Straighten forward and drop your chest between two separate heels.

  Tips: The movements are very simple and easy to do. During the first practice, you may find it difficult to cross two toes with each other. More exercises are sometimes enough.

  Efficacy: It can be done 5-10 minutes after meals to promote our digestive system very well, and it can also treat stomach diseases such as hyperacidity and gastric ulcer.

It helps to massage the nerve fibers of the genitals and has a stretching effect on the pelvic muscles, so it is also suitable for prenatal exercises.

  Auspicious sitting 1, sitting on the ground, legs straight forward; 2, bending the left calf, the left foot against the right thigh; 3, bending the right calf, the right foot between the left thigh and the left calf leg; 4, The toenails of both feet should be wedged between the thigh and calf of the other leg; 5. Put your hands in the gap between the legs or above the knees, keeping the head, neck and torso in a straight line.

  Except for the perineum not to be upheld, this posture is exactly the same as sitting in the best way.

  Medical effect: This posture effect is roughly the same as that of perfect sitting, but to a lesser extent.

Because the perineum is not held up, it does not automatically guide sexual impulse upwards and rises along the spine.

This means that it is not the same effect of controlling sex without perfect sitting, and it may also be relieved like calming and calming, alertness, etc.

  Note: People who have placed sciatica or sacral infections should do this again.

Ten ways to keep in good health

Ten ways to keep in good health

1. Some people have the misconception that drinking more water is better for your body.

In fact, drinking water and watering flowers have the same reason. There is more puffiness on the face or limbs, and the pores are too thick.

2. Eat more seeds The seeds mentioned here are like rice, lotus seeds, and even eggs can be counted as seeds, because any kind of seeds is given the richest nutrients and immune substances for reproduction.

3. Caution Carnivorous mammals are as susceptible to these and other diseases as humans, and meat is not as easily digested as vegetables and food, so chicken, duck, fish, and shrimp are the mainstays of eating meat, and mammals are less.

4, do not smoke, quit smoking carefully to do things step by step, quit smoking is the same, have more than 10 years of smoking and suddenly quit, the harm to the body is more serious than smoking.

3. Caution Carnivorous mammals are as susceptible to these and other diseases as humans, and meat is not as easily digested as vegetables and food, so chicken, duck, fish, and shrimp are the mainstays of eating meat, and mammals are less.

4, do not smoke, quit smoking carefully to do things step by step, quit smoking is the same, have more than 10 years of smoking and suddenly quit, the harm to the body is more serious than smoking.

7. Don’t eat raw cold soda and beer. Although it is very comfortable to drink, the damage to the spleen is amazing.

8. Don’t eat when angry. As the saying goes, qi liver hurts. When a person is angry, the liver absorbs the stomach and the digestive function drops sharply.

9, rest time from 9 pm to 5 am the next day, during this time, different parts of the human body are undergoing metabolism, if missed.

Can’t make up for 100 days.

10. The benefits of laughter It is best to give yourself a good 10-minute laugh every day.

Get rid of stress and depression for the day.

No money for detox methods.

What is the easiest way to get rich in your army

What is the easiest way to get rich in your army

Which of the following 4 flowers do you like best?

A: Kapok B: Rose C: Tulip D: Perfume Lily Answer Analysis: Choose A: Kapok is a very simple flower. If you choose Kapok, it means that you are refreshed and a person who does not play tricks.

Your friends and friends like to go straight and never use a negative trick behind your back. You are not suitable for forced business. If you have a literary and artistic talent, writing will be a big money business for you.

Choice B: Rose You are a romantic, willful and unrestrained person.

You seek for a relaxed living space, and you spend your best time in the illusory chanting of the moon.

You are quite artistic.

Please note: your chances of earning money are not manual labor in the military.

Choice C: Tulip You are an emotional person and you are passionate about emotions.

But you have problems with doing things, if one day you can work meticulously from beginning to end, you have hope of getting rich.

Choice D: Perfume Lily You are a very strict person in life.

Your life is always orderly and undistorted. Hair styles will never change. You like cleanliness. You have higher aesthetic and creative abilities. I advise you to choose a good career. You are a standard “millionaire” bill.

Babies are advised to use talcum powder with caution, which can easily cause respiratory diseases_1

Babies are advised to use talcum powder with caution as it can easily cause respiratory diseases

Baby skin care brands on the market have talcum powder, which is designed to keep the baby’s skin dry. Many mothers use it after bathing their babies, but experts recommend that it is best not to use talcum powder for babies, as this may increase the risk of babies suffering from respiratory diseasesrisk.

  If babies inhaled the talcum powder particles, it may cause breathing difficulties or severe lung injury. Moreover, the talcum powder particles are very small, and it is easy to remain in the air during use.

In particular, talcum powder is very small, and it is easy for infants to inhale. Other powder materials such as corn starch are slightly better, but infants may still inhale.

  Even small amounts of powder can irritate babies’ lungs-especially those at high risk for respiratory problems, including premature babies, children with congenital heart disease, and children with respiratory problems.

  If your baby is not a high-risk group, it should also be used with caution.

When using, apply talcum powder on your hand away from the baby, and then apply it to the baby, to avoid the powder approaching the baby.

At the same time, keep the talcum powder box out of reach of babies and other children to prevent children from playing and accidentally spilling the powder.

  To prevent irritation of your baby’s skin, you must not allow powder to accumulate on your baby’s skin.

Every time you change your diaper, wash away any powder that may accumulate, especially the skin folds.

Official maintenance: Swan beauty neck is not a dream _1

Exclusive maintenance: Swan neck is not a dream

Guide: Pay attention to maintenance is the most easy to overlook beauty details of MMs, but correction is the easiest to target your real age, so if you want to stay young, pay attention to maintenance from now on.

It is best to pay attention to the two aspects of cleansing and moisturizing, and then apply some appropriate skin care products to keep it moisturized and keep it moist and young.

Young skin, starting from rehabilitation and maintenance.

Careful cleaning Some people who are not lazy always smear their necks when washing their faces and rinse them briefly. I don’t know that this is very unfair to the neck.

From now on, it will reduce the focus of maintenance and supplement.

  Choosing a mild and appropriate cleansing lens reduces the earlier face of the skin or is thinner and more fragile, so when choosing a cleaning product for proper care, you must first consider whether it is mild enough.

If you can apply makeup, it is more hopeful that foundation makeup will be thoroughly cleaned.

  Top cleaning magic[spare tools]cleaning products, brushes.

  [Cleaning method]1.

Use your hand or brush to knead the cleaning product completely to produce a fine foam.


Raise your head, and move it along the lymph glands in a circular manner from bottom to top, and clean from the wooden board to the side.


The chin area that is easily overlooked should be cleaned carefully.


Gently press your chin in a circular motion toward the ears.


Follow the lymph glands from the ears, press the shoulders in a circular motion, and rinse with water.

  [Precautions]It is important to choose correct brushes. Choose soft bristles so as not to hurt the delicate skin.

  After keeping the foundation of the strong water and moisturizing supplement and maintenance, it is also necessary to tighten the effect.

Integrating simple massage into maintenance habits can also relax, relax the skin, and add points to beauty.

  Impurity moisturization is very important to replenish wrinkles caused by dryness and exacerbation. Therefore, it is necessary to strengthen moisturizing and lifting and anti-wrinkle products in supplementary maintenance.

Now many brands have launched special supplementary maintenance products to repair, nourish and lift up on various problems, while also diminishing spots and improving dullness.

In the daily routine maintenance process, acupoints and lymphatic massage can also be used to speed up the absorption of skincare products to improve relaxation and neck beauty.

  High-end moisturizing magic[each tool]cotton pad, lotion, neck cream.

  [Operation steps]1.

After cleansing the face, use a cotton pad to dipped in the lotion and flick from bottom to top.


Dig out an appropriate amount of skin care cream and apply the skin care product evenly on the chin and chest.


Raise your head high, stretch your neck, and use your fingertips to hold it up and down to absorb the care products in a gentle manner.


In the same way, push the skin care products to the left and right sides, and then push it down to the chest.


Gently massage in a circular motion along the skin texture from bottom to top.


The direction of smearing on the chin is also from bottom to top. Massage in a circular motion from the chin to the ears, and then replace it with the baba adenosine to the chest.

Push down along the venous lymphatics in an interventional manner, while detoxifying or promoting blood circulation.

  Natural oil skin care products DIY sweet almond coconut oil neck night cream[Material]1 tablespoon of sweet almond oil, 1 capsule of vitamin E, coconut oil, olive oil, 2 tablespoons of petroleum jelly.

Add sweet almond oil, coconut oil, olive oil, and vaseline to the bowl.

In February, the vitamin E capsules were cut by scissors to add the oil to the mixing material in the bowl.


Add the bowl to the pot and heat it with water, warm it, turn off the heat, and cool it for later use.

  [Usage]Before going to bed at night, apply an appropriate amount of the prepared night cream and evenly apply it on the place. Massage.

  [Beauty effect]Sweet almond oil is a base oil with excellent moisturizing effect. It is rich in mineral proteins and various vitamins, which can restore skin to softness and smoothness, and eliminate wrinkles.

This novel maintenance night cream combines the emollient effects of 5 materials.

The effect is very significant.

Message from the editor: If you want to stay young, you must pay attention to supplementary maintenance, and don’t let something distort your age.

People in the Workplace: 15 Principles of Psychological Communication

People in the Workplace: 15 Principles of Psychological Communication

First, speak out, especially candidly tell your inner feelings, feelings, pain, thoughts and expectations, but it is definitely not criticism, preparation for responsibility, rejection, attack.

  Second, no criticism, no blame, no refusal, no attack, no preaching criticism, blame, refusal, and attack are all executioners of communication, which will only make things worse.

  Third, mutual respect can only be communicated by giving respect to the other party. If the other party does not respect you, you should also ask the other party’s respect appropriately, otherwise it is difficult to communicate.

  Fourth, never speak bad words and hurt others, which is the so-called “causes come out of the mouth.”

  Fifth, don’t say what shouldn’t be said. If you should say something that shouldn’t be said, it often costs a lot of money to make up for it. It is the so-called “single word, difficult to chase”.”Out” may even cause irreparable life-long regrets!

Therefore, communication can not be talked about, and the mouth is not covered, but it does not speak at all, and sometimes it becomes more serious.

  6. Don’t communicate in emotions, especially if you can’t make a decision. Communication in emotions is often not good, and it is neither clear nor clear. Especially in emotions, it is easy to be impulsive and irrational.Parents and children who have turned their heads against each other, and their longtime bosses and subordinates . especially can not cause emotional and impulsive “decisions” in emotions, which can easily make things irreparable and regretful!

  Seven, rational communication, irrational, do not communicate, irrational only disputes, there will be no results, let alone good results, so this communication will not help.

  8. Awareness requires more than just communication. Everything is needed.

If you say the wrong thing and do the wrong thing, if you don’t want to cause irreparable harm, what is the best way to do it?

“I was wrong”, this is a kind of awareness.

  Nine, admit that I am wrong. Admit that I am wrong. It is a disinfectant for communication. It can thaw and improve communication with transformation. Just one sentence: I am wrong!

How many people’s new hatreds have been written off, how many years of indestructible knots have been dissolved, and people suddenly become cheerful, put down their arms, face themselves again, and start to rethink life, even who I am?

In this vast universe, what people care about most is “I”. If someone disrespects me, oppresses me, bullies me, or insults me, even if they are like father and son, they may turn against each other, tear up, and leave homeWhat is it to run away, the examples of death to you are not uncommon!

  Ten, say sorry!

  Sorry, it doesn’t mean that I really did something terribly wrong or hurt the truth, but it is a softening agent, so that there will be room for “turnover” in the end, or even create “heaven”.

In fact, sometimes you are really wrong, and declining to admit it is a very wrong thing.

  Eleven, let the miracle happen Now that I am willing to admit mistakes to one another, I am creating heaven and a miracle for myself and my family, turning impossible into possible.

  Twelve, loving everything is love, and love is the greatest therapist.

  Thirteen, waiting for a turn, if there is no turn, you have to wait, and you will be cured in a hurry. Of course, do n’t wait for the results to fall from the sky. You still have to work hard, but hard work may not have results.Or give up everything, but if you don’t work hard, you will have nothing.

  Fourteen, patience is the only indispensable patience, and those who have ambition will succeed.

  Fifteen, intelligence makes people unattached and blessed to the soul.

Healthy scientific lifestyles are good for male sexual health

Healthy scientific lifestyles are good for male sexual health

Many diseases are closely related to personal habits, and sexual health is no exception.

Many “sexual problems” such as prostatitis, premature ejaculation, hyposexuality, erectile dysfunction, decreased sperm count, decreased sperm quality, and infertility are caused by unhealthy living habits.

Drink plenty of water, but don’t urinate.

Each sitting lasts no more than 50 minutes, and the total sitting time in a day does not exceed 10 hours; no gain, less sauna, less hot bath, no bodysuits; arrange for yourselfZhang life schedule; exercise 5 times a week for more than 30 minutes each time; smoke one less cigarette a day; arrange sex at a time when the spouses are in a good state together; ride a bicycle for no more than 30 minutes,A day’s cycling time gradually does not exceed 100 minutes; pay attention to limiting alcohol consumption; 的 The key to improving men’s sexual health is not to take supplements, sexual health products, but to maintain scientific, healthy and healthy lifestyle habits.