Help your eyes and eyes-Yinqi Mingmu soup

Help your eyes and eyes-Yinqi Mingmu soup

[Introduction]Possessing a pair of watery eyes is the most important condition for beautiful women. Everyone loves bright eyes. There is no reason to say more. Its alias is also the window of the soul, a pool of autumn water, an important light-sensitive organ, and so on.

  Eye Protection-Yinqi Mingmu Decoction[Source]: Folk[Raw Materials]: 15 grams of white fungus, 15 grams of wolfberry, 100 grams of chicken liver, 24 jasmine flowers, water bean powder, cooking wine, ginger juice, food education.

  Production: 1.
Wash the chicken liver, cut into thin slices, put it in a bowl, add water soy flour, cooking wine, ginger juice, salt and mix well until use.

  2.Wash the white fungus, tear it into small pieces, and soak it in water for later use; remove the flower buds from the jasmine flower, wash it, and put it in a dish;

Set the pot on the fire, add the clear soup, add cooking wine, ginger juice, salt and MSG, then add the fungus, chicken liver, wolfberry and boil, skim the floating foam, wait until the chicken liver is ripe, fill the bowl, and sprinkle the jasmineServe in the bowl.

  Usage: Twice daily.

With meals.

  〖Description〗: Tonic and kidney, eyesight beauty.

It is suitable for blurred vision caused by yin deficiency, dull eyes, complexion and so on.

Learn to be a fairy employee

Learn to be a “fairy” employee

Workplace Law: Even if you are a Maxima, do n’t die waiting for Bole to find you. It ‘s not like “Thousands of horses are common but Bole is not often.” Besides, there are so many thousands of horses in the world, so take the initiative to catch the boss ‘s eyesBoss heart.
  Make a move: Slam the Soul Bell hard, sleepy eyes, mutter “I hate Monday the most”, still have to twist the fat body to fulfill the mission-wake up the master.
The clever thing is that this fat cat knows exactly what he is paying: as a host, you have to make money to support me.
Because of this, it has both the glorious glory of “Don’t dream of me anymore, I’m here”, and “I want to stab me?”
Want Lai Pi to go to work?
This was useless to me, and I had to make a cheap move. “Such a deadly self-knowledge, not only succeeded in completing the task, but also made it difficult for me to lose temper.
  It’s important to find out the preferences of your boss. It’s amazing to show your own advantages if you don’t.
If the peacock turns on the screen every day and others are accustomed to it, it is self-destructive to get bored.
Is Maximal always called Maxima?
Mr. Jiang Yilao’s “Everyone is easy to speak, I am taciturn; What is difficult to say, I am easy to speak, is not vulgar” is still a well-known saying. If you use it flexibly and see the timing, everyone is bright, I am not brightIt is difficult for people to light it, and I will light it.
Stand out naturally.
  OL should learn to attract the attention of the boss, make a small mistake on purpose, the law of the workplace: In general, no leader will want employees to behave better than themselves.
I believe everyone knows what happened since the ancient times.
Therefore, don’t be overly savvy and competent in front of leaders, and occasionally make small mistakes, which will not only shorten the distance between you and the leader, but also make you feel cute.
  Tips: Pulling down the toilet flush when taking a bath in Abuku because of anxious breakfast, because he hates chemical spices, he swapped his breakfast with Abuku.
These little bad things didn’t make Abu Ku’s love for it less. You can see that he isn’t just shouting a towel while happily getting Garfield’s liver-flavored breakfast, and gently watching Garfield greedily eat breakfast.
I believe that even if I knew that he had been “repaired” by Garfield, he was just crying with a smile: this ancient and spooky fat cat.
  The workplace in the new era also needs “fairy” employees, but it is not the appearance of a “generation of fairy girls”. The one that is only suitable for two people’s home shows.
The smart MM understands that the workplace also needs to make an innocuous little mistake like Garfield occasionally, letting people see that your elf is cute.
Even in a serious workplace, who can not be smart and cute MM?

Carefully step into the misunderstanding of health products

Carefully step into the “misunderstanding” of health products

Women’s health products have always been popular.

The majority of female compatriots are rushing to buy health products and taking health products, have they ever thought that this method can really promote health care as the effect says; how to use it can have the best and best effect on their own health.
How much do you know about the real health product market?
.hzh{display:none;}  消费促进生产,各地女性保健品的厂家都盯紧了女性市场这块肥肉,争得不可开交。  A reporter recently learned in an interview that women’s health products in the market are mainly divided into beauty, detox, blood and weight loss categories, but each product has different market favorability.
Among them, the most beautiful products are beauty products.
The huge market and stable sales have attracted many health products companies to promote new or “refurbished” such products.
  Followed by detox products, in recent years, the concept of “detoxification and beauty” has been approved by the majority of urban women, and “healthy detoxification can be truly beautiful and easy” has become the consensus of many consumers.
The blood-supply products are stable, and it is observed that the female blood-supply market is relatively flat, and it is still some old-fashioned blood-supply products such as red peach K, which dominate the female blood-supply market.
But weight-loss products are in full swing, and weight loss is the eternal pursuit of many women, so manufacturers will never give up this “fertile soil”.
According to the salesperson of the health products counter on the first floor of Xidan Shopping Center, a while ago, there was a new brand of slimming tea selling hotly.
  In fact, many women’s health products are not clearly marked as belonging to which category. For example, many “detoxification and beauty products” are mixed together.
In the Jiashitang pharmacy near the Beijing Trade Union Building, the clerk recommended to the reporter a capsule of a certain brand that can both beautify and lose weight, and said that it worked well.
  The young and middle-aged people are the main consumer groups. The reporters learned in the several pharmacies visited that most of the people who buy female health products are young people.
Detox and beauty products are mainly for women in their 30s and weight-loss girls are in their twenties. According to a clerk at the Golden Elephant Pharmacy in Xidan, many students often come to buy slimming tea.
The blood supplements are more targeted, and the consumer groups are more complex. People of all ages have them, and they are generally nutritional anemia.
  Moreover, the female consumers who often buy a certain category or brand are mostly seduced by the “temptation” of “magic” advertisements, followed by the “advocacy” of friends or colleagues and have a try mentality, only oneA small number of them were unable to get started with a plethora of products and consulted doctors.
At the Baita Temple pharmacy, the reporter met a girl in her twenties who had to “see” the sales staff for half a day after she had “inspected” the shelves of slimming tea.
I learned from the conversation with the girl that there are too many advertisements for weight loss. When I go to the pharmacy to see more brands, I really do n’t know which one to buy.
  专家提示慎选女性保健品  随着女性保健品市场争夺战的日益激烈,各厂家“神乎其神”的广告或促销手段让人难辨真伪,白塔寺药店的咨询专家南教授告诉记者,现在许多When consumers buy health products, regardless of whether they are three or seventy-one, they act with heartbeat, ignoring the different physiological and pathological conditions of each person.
In fact, when choosing a product, it should be suitable for you. You must see whether the sugar content and ingredients of the product meet your needs.
For example, rhubarb, which is a substance containing anthraquinones, is beneficial to those who need it, but if it is not needed, blind long-term use will inhibit the body’s own immunity. Over time, it may also affect the bodyAbsorption of certain beneficial substances.
  Health food is essentially just a kind of food. Although it has a certain “effect”, it is not “effect”. Some health product manufacturers often exaggerate the efficacy of their products in order to pursue profits. Consumers should not be convinced to avoid being taken.
  In addition, Professor Nan also said that health products are generally suitable for specific populations, not everyone is suitable for taking, consumers are best to buy under the guidance of a health expert or doctor.
When eating, you should also eat strictly in accordance with the labeled amount of the product, otherwise it may have adverse effects.
  Misuse of health products is prone to women’s disease. However, clinical observations show that the abuse of oral beauty products such as hormonal breast enhancement and weight loss has become one of the reasons for the frequent occurrence of female cysts.
  Among the best-selling beauty oral health products nowadays, the hottest products are anti-aging, regulating endocrine (the purpose is to prevent pigmentation, adult acne) and weight loss.
Although the hormone content of products sold on the regular market is mostly under national control, in recent clinical statistics we have found that many patients with ovarian cysts and uterine fibroids also happen to focus on the oral product stage.
This shows that some women may be quite sensitive to trace hormones.
  Although the inevitable relationship between beauty products and high incidence of cysts has not yet been investigated, we believe that it is necessary to remind women between the ages of 30 and 50 that they are in the period of high incidence of cysts, and at the same time, they need anti-aging and weight loss.And most strongly, if beauty products are eaten without thinking, it is likely to induce cysts, fibroids, or to reverse cysts that are not a problem, or rupture, causing peritonitis and causing serious problems.
  Before the age of 30, you need to take a cosmetic oral solution and capsules. The safest way is to do a gynecological examination once a year to eliminate the cyst constitution before taking these products under the guidance of a doctor.
When buying beauty and health care products, you should pay attention to whether the ingredients are labeled. You cannot buy products from unknown sources. The beauty products that indicate whitening and treatment of certain skin problems are mostly informal products, and you need to be vigilant.
  Although not opposed to a variety of beauty and health products, it is also discouraged and not recommended.
If you have pigmentation, acne, etc., be sure to see a doctor. Health care products can only assist the treatment.

Health care before bed

Health care before bed

Introduce a few health care methods before going to bed: Chiropractic: One side lies on the bed, exposing the entire back.

On the other side, two fingers on both sides of the spine, using the index finger and thumb of both hands to start the tail bone, gently pinch the skin, and then slowly pinch the skin forward until it reaches the highest vertebrae under the neck, counted as 1Times, pinching 4-6 times from bottom to top, counted as 1 time.

On the second or third pass, the skin must be lifted upwards every 3 pinches. If properly raised, you can hear a slight sound at the second to fifth lumbar spine.

Finally, use the thumbs of both hands on the Shenshu points on both sides of the waist (4 apart between the second and third lumbar spinous processes).

5 cm), rub for a while, once a night.

Long-term adherence can strengthen the spleen and stomach, improve appetite, ruddy complexion, and cause the development of diabetic malnutrition.

  Push back: One side lies on the bed without pillows, the head is on one side, and the upper limbs relax.

The other side stands on the bed, facing the head of the prone person, stretching the small bows with both legs, spreading both hands with five fingers, laying side by side on the back of the prone person (note that the palm is close to the abdomen), and then the strength of the waist and legsAct on the forearm and palm, with moderate strength, and push forward, so that the hip skin muscles quickly move forward with the palm, from top to bottom, to the waist.

Push it about 10 times, and then let the prone person tilt his head to the other side, and push it about 10 times as before.

Then, the operator fists with his right hand, rubs his back with his wrists, the strength is moderate, he punches several times from top to bottom, and can stop.

Modern medicine has confirmed that there are a large number of “strong fighting power” immune cells under the back of the human skin. By pushing back, these immune cells can be activated to achieve the purpose of clearing the meridians, smoothing qi and blood, reconciling viscera, and relieving cold and pain.

  Tactile arm: The arm socket contains abundant blood vessels, nerves, and lymph nodes. If someone touches it with their hands, the person who laughs will laugh, which is called “arm socket exercise” by experts. It is more feasible for couples to perform this exercise.

When one party is not paying attention, touch the arm socket to make a laugh, or touch the arm socket frequently and gently to keep the mouth open.

There are at least two points to its mystery. One is to stimulate the nerves, blood vessels, and lymph nodes here, which can accelerate the circulation of nerves and fluids, thereby driving other organs throughout the body to obtain more oxygen and nutrients.

The second is to laugh with your arms.

Laughing can drive all organs of the body to exercise, the secretion of healthy hormones, enzymes and acetylcholine, improve the body’s resistance, and prevent the occurrence of many diseases, especially the brain, heart, and lungs.

  Abdominal abdomen: This one can be operated by two people, and also self-care.

Lie on your bed before bedtime, rub your hands warm, your hands around the umbilical abdomen, and rub the abdomen around the umbilical clockwise dozens of times, paying attention to moderate strength.

Then use the navel as the center, and then rub the belly dozens of times in a counterclockwise direction.

Modern medicine has confirmed that adherence to stomach-abdomen can promote the circulation of blood and lymph fluid, improve the rehabilitation function, be beneficial to the peristalsis of the intestines and the secretion of digestive juices, and be conducive to the absorption and digestion of the stomach.

In addition, the abdomen can stimulate peripheral nerves, promote body metabolism, can prevent and reduce the formation of abdominal abnormalities, accumulation, and is a recipe for weight loss.

Diagnosis and Techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Diagnosis and Techniques of Traditional Chinese Medicine


Novice, hesitant to ask. Zhou Lao once said that when traditional Chinese medicine is first introduced, people often ask questions, for fear of inadequate questions, missing important clues, and even wrong diagnosis and treatment.

This is due to the fledgling first time, “I have a heart diagnosis for my pulse diagnosis, but it is difficult to understand under my fingertips”. Looking at it, I have no experience accumulation in the second diagnosis.”Only reliable and detailed consultations, or even all aspects, can be used to understand the condition. This is a last resort. It is a common problem of novice Chinese medicine practitioners.

  Judging from the currently used textbook “Traditional Chinese Medicine Diagnostics” in the planning of higher education institutions in the new century, the consultation is also listed as the first chapter of the book, and it is the first of the four consultations. It seems that the rise of the consultation has gradually becomeConsensus in the current TCM community.

As everyone knows, the same disease, the patient’s physique and tolerance are different, the patient’s feelings are different, and the description of the same symptom will inevitably be different; in addition, the patient’s occupation, education level and language expression ability are different, and the same illness expressionIt’s not the same; not to mention whether the clinical data provided by the patient is completely reliable and whether the “water” is eliminated.

Therefore, in the TCM diagnosis method, whether to ask the question as the first of the four consultations, it is necessary to explore incrementally.

  According to Zhou Lao’s personal experience, through the continuous accumulation of clinical evidence experience, when the kung fu reaches a certain level, you can gradually discover the situation of observation, which is one of the important skills in the diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine.

It is one of the important signs that the traditional Chinese medicine practice of maturity and maturity is becoming more and more mature.

  Zhou Lao once said that the severity of the patient’s illness, the coldness and heat of the disease, and the fact that the patient’s surface is above and below the surface, experienced Chinese medicine practitioners often look at it in the past.

The patient’s words may not be true, but the patient’s look is often difficult to falsify.

Therefore, Director Zhou Lao: “The ancients were‘ the gods who knew what they knew, ‘and it ‘s really meaningful to put the doctor in the first four consultations.

“Modern science also confirms that 90% of the information obtained by humans is obtained visually, so it is inevitable that the clinic will collect patient identification information.

Aiming at the sages, looking at the color of Qihou, Zhong Jing broke Zhongxuan’s forty and frowned, which made people wonder at the magic of the traditional Chinese medicine.

“Nei Jing” has “a person with a face like a lacquered wood, the heart dies first”, which is a terminal illness; “Four Clinics Clinic” once said: “Ten fingers are like a pestle, the lungs are sick”;”Fire”, “fat people have more strokes, thin people have more coughs”, etc., all are known at a glance. The question is whether the doctor can pay attention to it everywhere.Improvement?

  This is true of Chinese medicine as well as Western medicine.

For example, patients with uremia have pale faces, heart failure, cyanosis in the lips of patients with hypoxia, mauve in the mitral valve suture of rheumatic heart disease, spider moles in liver cirrhosis, palm of the liver, dark face, and hyperthyroidism, myxedema, typhoid fever, systemicPatients with lupus erythematosus and others have special symptoms, which is also known at a glance.


“God knows God”, through the information exchange between the deep-hearted doctor and the patient, in addition to language, but also requires spiritual communication, so the first priority is to see God in the clinic.

Although the diagnosis is full body, partial, tongue, fecal matter, fingerprints, etc., whether you can see at a glance, the key is that the doctor must have sharp eyes and “know the god with God” and be good at capturing patients.Eyes, straight through physiology, capture the first impression.

Especially for patients with human diseases, functional diseases and sub-health status.

  The expression “to understand the gods” is seen in Shi Shoutang of the Qing Dynasty, “Yiyuan · Wang Shen must check the spirit theory”, which reads: “The god who knows what he knows is called the god, and he will be able to use my god.God of the other.

The spirit of the lady lives in both eyes, and it is experienced by all the bodies, especially the one who observes the whole body . The spirit of people is revealed most intentionally or unintentionally.Together, the doctor and the sick are in a fascination, feeling suspicious and elusive.

This is based on the magic of God.

“Indicating that when the doctor sees the doctor, the moment the patient is not in contact (intentionally or unintentionally), when the patient is not paying attention (intentionally or unintentionally), he is calm and gazing at the eye, and looks directly at the patient’s eyes for a very short time, and through the window of the soul,Penetrate deep into the patient’s heart, so as to spy on and grasp the information of changes in the patient’s internal condition.

Therefore, the doctors are required to use God’s specificity, observe the Qiuhao clearly, and be good at using the God of oneself to inspect the God of others, to meet, communicate, and communicate with the patient’s consciousness with their own consciousness, so as to obtain the presence and weakness of the patient’s god,Deep sorrow, sorrow, innocence, and the true state of internal organs’ functional activities.

  Because man is the spirit of all things, full of thoughts and feelings, when the patient finds that the doctor is looking at himself, he often shows restraint, improves cover, and affects the true condition of his god.

And if doctors are too intentional and make continuous observations, they are often prone to subjective ideas, which affects the observations and make it difficult for them to make correct judgments.

Therefore, the best time to look at God is when the doctor first comes into contact with the patient, when the patient has not yet noticed, is not restrained, and has no cover up, the energy displayed at this time is the most reliable activity in the heart.

  Zhou Lao expert, this ability to “know in a while” and “go to the gods” is one of the important skills of TCM visits, which requires continuous training in clinical and daily practice to obtain them.

  From the “Historical Records of Bian Tsang Cang Biography” Bian Tseng can “see a person in the same place, thus seeing the disease, seeing the five internal organs, especially in the name of the diagnosis of the pulse”, if we canWith insights into the continuous implantation of training, the uniform has developed to a level where it can “see the crux of the five internal organs”, and then it’s back to life. “Cheng Limin is in water and fire.” It is entirely possible to search for things without any effort.


The main point of the diagnosis method is “Yu Yang · Yin Yang Ying Xiang Da Lun”, which is called “Yin Yueyang”: “Good diagnosis, check the color and follow the pulse, don’t start with Yin and Yang.

“Jing Yue Quan Shu Chuan Zhong Lu” also said: “Every diagnosis and treatment of the disease must be examined first, Yin and Yang, is the program of medical ethics.

Yin and Yang are infallible, is there a poor cure?

Although the medical path is complicated, the one who can cover it in a single word is just yin and yang.

“Although the contents of the four clinics of Chinese medicine are numerous, only monology and tongue monographs are available, but to sum up, there is only the word” yin and yang “.

Therefore, the key to mastering the contents of the four consultations is to grasp the yin and yang, and to be good at the opposite of the patient’s disease performance, to grasp the yin and yang, the surface, the cold and the heat, the virtual reality, the specimen, etc. in the opposition, so as to provide the first-hand information for the traditional Chinese medicine syndrome differentiation.

  The occurrence of any disease is actually a manifestation of the yin-yang disorder of the human body.”The patient’s disease is cold, hot, and the condition is debilitating and true. The patient’s position is on the surface, in the inside, or in the viscera, and the sickness; is the patient’s acute or chronic illness; is the critically ill patient internal or external?Waiting, it is completely different from the doctor’s visit alone. If you judge Xiaoliang, you only need to pay attention to it at a glance.

Hearing, asking, and cutting three clinics are the same.

Judging from the diagnosis, those who speak well are hot; on the contrary, those who are lazy are cold; those who are strong are true, those who are weak are false.

In terms of consultation, those who like to drink hot drink are cold stomach, those who like to drink cold drink have stomach heat; those who like to press the abdominal pain are deficient, and those who refuse to press are true.

The main surface of the floating pulse is the natural pulse of the Shenmai; the number of pulses is mainly hot, and the late pulse is naturally cold; the pulse is strong to be true, and weakness is naturally empty.

As a medical practitioner, you should be good at continuously improving your clinical observation ability from this kind of antagonism between yin and yang, and between different positive and negative comparisons. Seeing the micro knowledge and knowing the end of the fall, this is one of the important contents of practicing the basic skills of the four diagnosis of Chinese medicine.

  For thousands of years, Chinese medicine has accumulated a wealth of experience in this area.

For example, from the perspective of inspections only, “Lingshu · Five Colors” states: “The five colors see each department, and check its ups and downs, to understand the depth; to check its ze, to see the success or failure; to check its dispersal, to know the distanceLook up and down to know the disease. ”

In the Qing Dynasty, Wang Hong combined with his clinical experience, in the “Diagnosis and Observation of the Scriptures” to further play the role of the surface to look up and down to identify the disease, observe the turbid and distinguish the yin and yang of the disease, the observation is very different from the true and the false.Depending on the length of the disease, and the prognosis of the prognosis of Beize, we all grasp the change of the condition from the opposition between yin and yang.

“Lingshu · Five Colors” also said: “Those who go from the outside to the inside will get sick from the outside, and those who go from the inside to the outside will get sick from the inside.

“It can be seen that the ancients were not only good at grasping the essentials of the four consultations from the opposition between yin and yang, but also paid particular attention to grasping the progress and retreat of the disease from the transformation of yin and yang, which deserves our high clinical attention.


Questions are focused, and traditional Chinese medicine consultations are supervised systematically, comprehensively and carefully. In fact, Zhou Lao thinks that it is not necessary to be as comprehensive as the “ten questions”.

Because each disease has its own etiology and pathogenesis evolution rules, so it has its own characteristics in clinical manifestations. These key points should be grasped, key questions asked, and every sentence can be asked on ideas.Conducive to the continuous improvement of the level of TCM diagnosis and treatment.

  (1) Focusing on syndrome differentiation is a substitute for TCM treatment. Therefore, there are key questions to ask, and you should first ask around the syndrome.

If you think the patient has a fever syndrome, do you need to ask thirst?

Yellow urine or not?

Does the stool dry?

For further confirmation.

At the same time, it is necessary to further ask which dirty fiery fever is. For example, patients who are upset and irritable are mostly prone to liver fire, and those who have difficulty sleeping at night are mostly worried about heart fire, and those who are easy to survive and eat more often have a burning stomach.

  (2) The main symptoms are closely related to the main symptoms of the patient at the time of consultation, and are also the main contradictions that we must first resolve at the time of clinical examination. Therefore, there is a key point. When the main symptoms are closely related, we cannot “off topic” or “off topic”.

  Such as exogenous patients with high fever, we must ask if the cold is not cold, whether there is sweating, the time and characteristics of fever.

If the chills and fever appear at the same time, it indicates that the evil heat is on the surface; it indicates that the hot and hot is on the surface;The air is hot and hot; the body heat is high in the afternoon, and the delay is difficult to resolve. Those who are not hot are mostly hot, humid and steaming; the fever is diminished at night and night, which indicates that the evil heat is deep.

In addition, the accompanying symptoms of fever should be further examined, such as heat but no sweat, wind and cold attack, or both internal and external fever; although sweating, but sweating is not smooth, and the heat decreases with sweat,It belongs to damp heat prevention table; sweat sweats, and the heat does not decrease with sweat, it is rizhe; sweat comes out with trembling, for evil heat to dispel or righteousness; most thirsty drinkers belong to the heat in the heat;Those who are thirsty, dry, and dry, suggest heat and dysentery; those who do not want to drink are mostly damp, hot, and stagnation; abdominal fullness, pain, constipation, or scaling, suggesting dryness and internal knots; bleeding with consciousness or body surface,The blood is hot for the camp; seeing night sweats, redness, and hot hands, feet, and heart, indicating that the heat is really overcast.

If it is based on the main symptoms, it is necessary to ask the key points to distinguish different fevers, so as to provide a basis for dialectical medication.

  (3) According to the development and pathogenesis of the pathogenesis, it is thought that the disease may have combined symptoms, and then there will be further in-depth investigations. If you can master the initiative, preemptive action. This is what Chow has figured out in many years of clinical practice.One of the important questioning techniques.

  If you encounter a liver stagnation patient who is full of two threats, chest tightness, abdominal distension, and hi-breathing, you should think that the qi is more than fire, and qi stagnation can be turned into fire at any time. You should further ask whether the patient has both upset and irritability, dry mouth,Fiery manifestations such as constipation, yellowness, constipation, etc. It should be further thought that liver fire can easily induce liver wind. The liver wind can rise to the top and appear dizzy. You can also walk around the limbs, numbness, restraint, etc., so we have to further understand the patient.Is there a need for boss and limb symptoms?

At least, it should also be noted that patients with liver and fire may not only suffer from spleen and spleen, but also suffer from poor appetite and full stomach; they may also cause kidney yin injury, liver yang and wind, dizziness, or even stroke.

If so, ask a guide, the hole is slightly faint, you can distinguish the clues, then you have your own foresight.

Zhengyu Jiayan said: “People who have a single finger with a single finger will have a stroke within three years.” It can be seen that clinical evidence is good at asking questions and even predicting the occurrence of disease.


The pulse can not be light, nor can Xuan Zhou Lao believe that the diagnosis of the pulse can neither be deified, mysterious, or like some people think it is a radial artery.

Western medicine believes that patients with hyperthyroidism, fever, and severe anemia may have water flushing pulses, and strange pulses may appear during pericardial effusion or pericarditis, that is, the pulse is significantly weakened or disappeared during inhalation.

It shows that western medicine not only has the content of diagnosis, but also can be used to diagnose diseases.

The content of traditional Chinese medicine diagnosis is quite rich. After several years of development, it has become a relatively independent discipline. It can still effectively guide clinical practice to this day, and it should attract our great attention.

  Clinically, all patients with strong pulse strings are usually phlegm and fire, which are more common in patients with hypertension and hyperlipidemia.

Patients must have arrhythmia at any time, and the so-called “Treatment on Febrile Diseases” said “heartbeat, pulse.”

Zangmai appears in fever patients. Western medicine is called relative slow pulse. It is one of the basis for diagnosing typhoid fever. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that dampness and heat are a problem and it is difficult to heal.

Since the pulse is dominated by the autonomic nerve and does not transfer with the will of the person, it is a true reflection of the objective situation in the human body and can directly serve the TCM dialectical medicine.

  Zhou Lao had had a pulse diagnosis, and it was concluded that two menstrual periods had just passed 4?
The patient was pregnant for 5 days.One of them was amenorrhea, and menstruation only came once. It was confirmed by diagnosis alone that she was happy, and she finally gave birth to a boy.

This is what “Women’s Hands Shao Yin pulsate, which leads to the Son” as stated in “Su Wen · Ping Ren Meteorology”.

Zhou Lao realized that this kind of pregnancy slippery pulse is obvious. It is more common in women with strong constitutions, and the weak constitution is generally not obvious.

  Gu Moumou, an academician of Southeast University, is very dirty, the diseased entity is deficient, and he has been in bed for a long time. It is not reasonable to have a strong pulse.

Zhou Lao believes that the patient’s prognosis is not good. Therefore, the patient will die soon, and in less than three months he will die.

The master died prematurely and was very sentimental, but it is also reasonable for TCM to break the disease based on the pulse.

  The ancients not only highly recognized the diagnosis of the pulse, but also particularly sophisticated.

The first article of Treatise on Febrile Diseases: “The sun is sick, its pulses are floating, its head is very painful and it is cold.

“It is about the pulse first, then the disease, and the pulse comes first.

The transition throughout the entire chapter of “Golden Missing Essentials” is to “identify and cure certain disease symptoms and signs.” In “Qin Jin Yao Fang”, when identifying the internal organ diseases, the first part is placed with “pulse theory first”, which is not bad.The understanding of the ancient sages on the diagnosis of the pulse.

  As far as floating veins are concerned, evil offenders are on the surface, and blood and blood rise to drive away evils, so the pulses float accordingly.

Therefore, there is a saying that “floating veins are positive for the disease of the Yang Table”, and “some points of the floating veins have a table of evidence”.

For example, if the patient has a headache and chills, it looks very similar to the evidence, but if the pulse does not float, it is difficult to say that it is a sun syndrome, let alone a simple sweating method.

On the contrary, if the patient has floating veins, it means that the body is full of blood and blood, so it ‘s exactly what the disease is, and do n’t care how long the disease is. First, you should consider the disease may be unexplained or other diseases caused by unexplained evil.
Treatment should be guided by the situation and drive out evil spirits.

For this reason, Zhou Lao mainly used the sweat method to treat nephritis and edema, acute diarrhea, jaundice hepatitis, bronchial discomfort, allergic rhinitis, rheumatoid arthritis, and acute measles.This experience has been written as a “flexible application of the Khan method”.

Of course, there are also times when the floating veins are not the main watch, but that is another problem.

For example, those with large pulses and emptiness, or those with insufficient feet, are often seen in Daiyang’s patients who suffer from false heat and false heat, which is naturally different from what we call “water drifting wood”.

The floating pulse is like this, the main pulse of Shen pulse, the main pulse is hot, the late pulse is cold, the pulse is strong and true, the weakness is weak, and so on.


Exogenous heavy tongue, heavy pulse examination of various diseases, tongue detection and pulse diagnosis are the most distinctive contents in the four diagnosis of traditional Chinese medicine. At the same time, they often interact with each other to determine the appearance of the disease, cold, heat, deficiency, reality, progress, retreat, good and bad,The prognosis is waiting, but Zhou Lao has realized from many years of clinical practice that in the case of exogenous acute diseases, the tongue test should be recognized especially; in the case of injuries and miscellaneous diseases, he should be aware of the diagnosis.

  Exogenous sensation and epidemic qi, although the pulse also responds, but the changes in tongue quality and tongue coating are relatively early, more obvious, so it is a guideline for clinical significance.

In this regard, the warm pathologist has accumulated a wealth of experience for us.

With regard to the quality of the tongue, if the warmth is offended by the watch, only the tip of the tongue is red; if the hot evil enters the table and enters the air, the tongue is red; if the air enters the camp, the tongue is swollen; if the camp enters the blood,The tongue is deep.

If the tongue coating changes from white to yellow, from yellow to gray, and from gray to black, it means that the heat is light, the heat is heavy, and the heat pole is different.

In addition, you should pay attention to the tongue detection by warming the disease, one is to examine the cold temperature of the Qi, and the other is to check whether it is moist, so as to detect the glory and dryness of the fluid.

There are also those who suffer from yin injury and insufficient stomach yin, and their tongues are white and dry; those with insufficient kidney yin, their tongues are red and dry.

If the external sensation begins, the saliva on the tongue surface is thick and the tongue is cracked, and the tongue is red, and the genus is hot and new, it should be opened first and then the heat should be cleared.

  Tongue coating can determine the treatment of current diseases, and tongue coating of miscellaneous diseases can sometimes only serve as a reference in the process of dialectical treatment.

Some kind of thirsty patients seeing greasy moss does not hinder the use of nourishing yin and moistening medicine, but when using it, pay attention to being light and avoid being too greasy, or add a little fragrant incense in the cleaning agent, Pelan, Bai Kou, Cangzhu, Chenpi, etc. to condition.

If you see a lot of greasy moss and apply Pinellia ternata in large quantities, Magnolia officinalis, grass fruit, grass cardamom and other bitter temperature and humidity will be inappropriate, and even worsen the disease.

The same is true of patients who are overworked and sick.

  For internal injuries and miscellaneous diseases, especially those suffering from chronic illnesses and debilitating age, the significance of tongue and vein diagnosis and pulse diagnosis.

At the same time floating, middle, and Shen three waiting, Shen waiting is more important, and can better reflect the real situation inside the human body.

For example, a person who has been chronically ill has blushing, upset, thirsty and happy drinking, sweating, but his pulse is weak and weak.

Neither can it be used simply for treating yin deficiency, nor can it be used as an agent of bitter cold and purging fire, and the product of Ganwen Yiqi should be reused, so that qi and yin gradually recover, and gradually be cured.

If you don’t check the pulse, but see the yin deficiency and fire flourishing, you will use the nourishing yin and purging fire agent lightly.

Not only have no power, but have had it, but careless!

How to protect teeth with yellow and black teeth?

How to protect teeth with yellow and black teeth?

Many smokers brush their teeth every day. Why do their teeth become dark yellow and black around the gums?

  Brushing can indeed remove the dirt and bacteria on the tooth surface, but there are still some residues that will deposit on the tooth surface and secrete many sticky substances. When the smoke inhaled in the mouth is combined with the sticky substances on the tooth surface, it accumulates slowly and slowly.Makes the tooth surface yellow or black.

  If it is difficult to quit smoking and you want to have a white and healthy tooth, you have to treat your teeth well. You should have more routine daily oral cleaning. You should brush your teeth in time after eating food, learn to use dental floss, and completely remove food debris and plaque in the teeth.Mouthwash immediately after smoking.

Regularly wash your teeth at the specialist stomatological hospital. It is best to use sandblasting to improve the smoothness of the teeth, which can slow down the rate of smoke formation.

  You can also use tooth powder to brush your teeth, get up early and brush each time before going to bed.

In diet, pay attention to eat celery and other vegetables with high crude fiber content, and drink more green tea.

Humidification in children’s room is not easy to recover after three hours

Humidification in children’s room is not easy to recover after three hours

Children’s respiratory system is immature, excessive humidity is likely to induce hypertension and colds.

I wanted to create a comfortable and humid environment for my child, but I do n’t know because the child ‘s respiratory system is not fully mature. If you use a humidifier in a children ‘s room for more than three hours, it will adversely affect your child ‘s health, which may cause a cold.

Dry climate during dry seasons Respiratory diseases are very easy to spread among children, because when the air humidity is less than 20%, the indoor respirable particulate matter increases, and it is easy for people to catch a cold. When the air humidity reaches 45%?
At 65%, the living environment of the germs is damaged and it is not easy to spread.

However, if the air humidity is too high, if it exceeds 80%, it will make the child’s respiratory system and mucous membranes feel uncomfortable, the immunity will be reduced, and diseases such as induction and cold will be caused.

If the area of the children’s room is about ten square meters, humidify twice a day for 3 hours each time to reach the appropriate indoor humidity.

However, it should be noted that the humidifier must be cleaned and disinfected regularly, otherwise microbes such as mold in the humidifier will diffuse into the air through the aerosol and enter the child’s respiratory tract, which may easily cause respiratory diseases and even suffer from “Humidifying pneumonia. ”

In addition, households using humidifiers should pay attention to opening windows and ventilation in a timely manner to keep indoor air fresh and maintain a suitable living environment.

Acupuncture points that can make your face slim

Acupuncture points that can make your face “slim”

Facial acupuncture rejuvenates tired and swollen faces by stimulating acupuncture points on the face and ears.
You only need to do it once a day for 1 hour, and after 2 weeks, you will see the effect.
But be careful, take it slowly at the beginning, and even after applying it, you can even do acupuncture.
  Baihui Point-to prevent excessive diet and constipation.
The left and right pierced ears rise upward, and the apex of the line after the heads are connected is the Baihui Point.
It can play a stable role in preventing overeating.
  攒 竹 穴 ——Relieve the fatigue and puffiness of the eyes.
This is where the depression under the brows is.
Eye fatigue and headaches can cause puffiness around the eyes.
This point can relieve discomfort.
  Temples-eliminate eye fatigue and puffiness.
The side between the eyes and eyebrows is about 1 finger backward, and it is close to the hairline.
This point can promote metabolism.
  Cheng Weeping Point-bags under the eyes are loose.
It is located just below the eyeball, about the eye bone.
Because the bags under the eyes of people with stomach sag are easy to relax, this point can improve the function of the stomach and prevent the bags from sagging.
  Behind the ball-to improve the function of the small intestine.
Right under the eyes, under the cheeks.
Can regulate the function of the small intestine and help absorption.
  Yingxiang Acupoint-Reduce shoulder aches and nasal congestion.
Right below the eyeball, right next to the nose.
This acupuncture point can not only eliminate eye puffiness, prevent skin sagging, but also reduce shoulder aches.
  Cheek car points-eliminate puffiness of the cheeks.
Slide up along the contour of the face’s chin, and you will find a depression, which is the acupuncture point.
It can effectively eliminate obesity caused by excessive sugar intake.
  Dicang acupoint-suppress appetite.
The corner of the mouth is about 0.
5cm away.
If the stomach continues to be at a high temperature, it will promote appetite, so the function of this point is to reduce stomach temperature and suppress appetite.
  Chengjiang point-eliminate puffiness in the chest.
This is the depression between the lower lip and the lower jaw.
It can control the secretion of hormones, maintain skin tension, and prevent face relaxation.
  Tiantu points-promote the elimination of moisture.
Located on the inside of the skin below the throat.
It stimulates the thyroid gland, promotes metabolism, and removes excess water from the face.

How can exercise and fitness have a sculpting effect?

How can exercise and fitness have a sculpting effect?

In this autumn season, it may be a good opportunity to lose weight and lose weight. Nowadays, more and more urban white-collar workers have adopted jogging as a way of life to achieve their beautiful figure dreams easily and easily.
In the morning or evening, put on breathable sportswear and put on comfortable sneakers, find a trail suitable for running, and exercise with the surrounding green.
  Run1更加聪明  慢跑前要做好准备  做有氧运动前充分地将身体的潜在热能调整到准备状态,有利于身体内机能的调整,激发身体中的“GHRELIN”激素,促进脑内学习区域的神经Cells can improve memory to a certain extent.
You will know the preparations before jogging!
Stand with hands on hips and alternate ankle movements.
Relieve psychological pressure: Continue to be in a fiercely competitive environment. If you do not rule out tension, mental and psychological pressure, you will always be at a disadvantage.
Moderate preparation for jogging can reduce the psychological burden and maintain a good attitude.
Practice flash point: warm-up exercises can increase muscle temperature, making muscles soft and less prone to strain.
Practice index: ★★★ Practice time: Before running (preparing for action), you can also practice at any time.
  Run2 is more healthy. Time & speed is the key to fast and healthy weight loss. The time and speed during jogging depends on the pace and posture of the runner. Generally, the aerobic exercise time is 20 to 30 minutes. If the time is too long, muscle fatigue is not good for health.
Speed exercises need to be mastered.
When jogging, first raise your legs alternately, move your hips, and then gradually increase your speed. Your knees should touch your upper abdomen as much as possible. Your arms should swing back and forth. When you run, your forefoot touches the ground first, and then your entire foot touches the ground.
Improve cardiopulmonary function: Persistent jogging will shrink the heart, increase blood output, reduce quiet heart rate, lower blood pressure, and improve the body’s health index.
Practice flash point: it can speed up blood circulation and increase the oxygen uptake of muscles, but the speed should not be too fast, control the aerobic heart rate at 60% -80%; avoid ineffective exercise, fat will stop decomposition under anaerobic conditions, inIn addition to the above heart rate control, fat loss is not guaranteed.
Practice index: ★★★ Practice time: Early morning or evening is better.
  Run3 is more beautiful Beautiful shape that fully burns fat 后 After jogging, stretching the body can make the excess fat in the body fully burn, allowing most parts of the body to be exercised, and shaping your perfect S curve.
Proper posture and a relaxed mind are the secrets of beauty.
Put your hands above your head, and stretch them together to stretch your torso.
Effective shaping and fat reduction: Regular and uninterrupted jogging exercises can consume a large amount of excess fat in the body, and auxiliary exercises after running, such as alleviating the stretching exercises of the body, are to shape the beautiful S-shaped curve of the body and strengthen muscleAnd the best choice for endurance.
Practice flash point: After jogging, you can moderate your heart rate by speeding up by stretching.
Practice index: ★★★★ Practice time: Early morning or evening is better.

Wanting a muscle diet is key

Wanting a muscle diet is key

Men want to be stronger, they want to have developed muscles, they want to have more muscles, both exercise and diet are very important. The structure of diet is very important.What are the precautions?

I hope to help everyone, especially male friends, through a reasonable diet, you can make yourself stronger. If the diet is not reasonable, but exercise, then the effect is not so good, we must pay attention to thisLook, men exercise muscles and diet is key.

  The variety of foods should be very disgusting if you eat almost the same thing every day.

Just like we often change the training plan to produce boring feeling, you have to change your recipe often, the best way is to buy different foods every week.

This not only balances your interests, but also allows you to understand how your body responds to different foods.

Don’t eat the same thing.

  Whey protein, sportsman’s choice Want to become healthier overcoming power, seeing the body-building effect of exercise instead?

This should not only pay attention to scientific exercise methods, but also pay attention to the nutritional supplements needed for muscle repair and growth.

Whey protein has repeatedly been proven to be an ideal nutritional choice for beneficial exercise and overall health.

Nowadays, more and more fitness men directly drink whey protein powder, or consume products such as sports drinks and nutrition bars supplemented with whey protein, to ensure timely and adequate supply of high-quality protein, and nutritionally enhance the fitness effect.
  Constantly adding three meals a day will only make you eat a lot of protein and your aunt, which will bring poor absorption and excess meat that goes against your wishes.

For fitness enthusiasts, every 2?
Eating at 3 hours is the best state, so that the muscles can get a steady stream of nutrition, and will not cause slight accumulation due to excessive nutrition.

For many office workers who are nine to five, it is difficult to have such conditions, and long-term fasting at work also means muscle loss.

For those friends whose vision muscles are as important as life, choosing a nutritious meal pack or energy bar instead of a meal is a great choice.

  8 essential amino acids for efficient nutrient supply Whey protein is high-quality “whole protein” because it contains 18 amino acids, including all 8 essential amino acids required by the human body. In this case, whey protein is also “fast protein” becauseIts amino acid composition ratio is appropriate, which is almost the same as the amino acid composition ratio in skeletal muscle, which is very easy to be used by the human body.

Whey protein provides pure and high-quality protein, which can enhance the enhanced abdominal sensation, reduce the use of heat, promote slight utilization, and optimize body composition. Transformation, whey protein is still known in the research to improve the body’s antioxidant capacity.The only supplemental protein synthesized by glutathione, which enhances immunity and improves overall health.

It is for these reasons that whey protein has become the IN choice of the fitness family.

Drink one or two spoonfuls of whey protein powder before and after exercise, simply, quickly and efficiently replenish high-quality protein to fuel your health!

  20g Whey Protein Easily Creates Shaped Male Whey Protein is a selective milk protein that can synthesize the branched chain amino acids required by muscle, especially leucine.

Implanting 20 grams of whey protein after exercise can greatly promote muscle recovery, help maintain muscle well-being, and promote use by adults.

More muscles, aunts of the retina, means better body composition and more shapely and healthy body.

Whey protein-containing nutrition bars or sports drinks generally provide 8?
30 grams of whey protein.

  For men to train muscles, diet is very important. As we have said above, it is very important for men to pay attention to dietary choices for muscle training. It is very important to pay attention to balanced diet. Generally, we eat a little partial eclipse, so when exercising,You need to develop a plan, including diet, exercise and living, so that you can get better results.