Do you know these 6 benefits of mango

Do you know these 6 benefits of mango

Mango looks cute and tastes good. In addition, mango has high nutritional value. Many people like to eat mango.

Eating mango before lunch can help clear the stomach.

Mango has many effects. What do you know?

  1. Mango has the effect of clearing the stomach and intestines, and has certain antiemetic effects on motion sickness and seasickness.

  2. Anti-cancer From the viewpoint of modern diet, mango is rich in vitamin A, so it has anti-cancer and anti-cancer effects.

  3, beautify the skin because mango contains a lot of vitamins, so regular consumption of mango can promote the role of moisturizing the skin.

  4, hypertension, arteriosclerosis Mango contains nutrients and vitamin C, minerals, etc., in addition to its anti-cancer effect, it also has a therapeutic effect to prevent arteriosclerosis and hypertension.

  5. Preventing constipation soil Mango contains a lot of fiber, which can promote bowel movements and has certain benefits for preventing constipation.

  6. The germicidal mango leaf extract can inhibit pyococcus, E. coli, and Pseudomonas aeruginosa.

It also has the effect of inhibiting influenza virus.

Physical therapy gems

Physical therapy gems

Core Tip: Traditional Chinese medicine physiotherapy has a method of massage and pinching, and then more methods are derived.

Massage is not new, but effective is the key.

  Frozen shoulder is a common orthopedic disease in the clinic. The number of patients is not large. Experts said that on the basis of actively cooperating with doctors for treatment, Frozen shoulder can promote the treatment of their own diseases through a small amount of exercise.Just follow the experts.

Rubbing your back and shoulders to drive away the periarthritis pain!

  Rub the back of the affected arm and touch the back from the lower side, and pull the good arm from the upper side of the back.

Often the two arms are difficult to touch each other. At this time, you can use a towel to connect the two arms and look like rubbing your back.

  End-to-shoulder, end-to-shoulder exercise is the key therapy for autonomous shoulder periarthritis, which can reduce the good effects of shoulder pain.

First do the left and right shoulder end-to-shoulder movements (upward), and then do the right shoulder end-to-shoulder movements, alternating left and right, more than 20 times each time.

  Climbing the “wall” lies on the front of an empty interior, and clings to it tightly. The fingers drive the arm to gradually move up the wall.

Keep your body stable and motionless, try to make them climb higher and higher, until the pain can’t go up.

As long as you can expect to try your best to keep your arms up every day, as time goes by, you can gradually relieve shoulder pain.

  Make circle movements every one or two hours.

It can be circled up, down, left and right or back and forth, clockwise and counterclockwise alternately.

You can put one hand on the waist, circle the other arm, or circle both arms at the same time.

The movement must be slow and deep during the circle.

  Xiaobian reminded that the above methods are invalid reference. If the above methods are not effective, please go to the hospital for diagnosis and treatment in time to avoid delaying the optimal treatment time and causing the disease to worsen.

Six methods of self-testing aging index

Six methods of self-testing aging index

Everyone doesn’t want to be “premature, but the busy life makes us have no time to exercise.”

Over time, climb the three-story stairs and pant. If you don’t take a few steps, you will be tired. If these situations occur, you need to be vigilant, and aging is approaching you.

If you want to know what your current physical fitness is, try these 6 actions and give your body a quality check in one minute.

  Upper limb strength: push-ups.

Push-ups require the body to remain straight, leaving the back muscles, abdominal muscles, and leg muscles tense.

Li Xiangru said that push-ups can reflect the strength of a person’s upper limbs and detect the strength of the overall strength.

A standard push-up, keep the body from the top to the foot into a straight line, and placed in the up and down position, the two hands are slightly wider than the vertical.

Young people should complete the movement according to the standard requirements. Old people over 60 years old should not do ground push-ups. Supportive semi-pushing support can be used, that is, supporting the wall or table and chair.

It is not recommended to do push-ups when you are over 70 years old.

  Evaluation of results: In general, 20?
30-year-old adult male can complete 17 in 1 minute?
29, women do 12?
22, indicating that the physical fitness is basically qualified; if you can do 30 or so, it means that the body is strong; if it is possible, 17 or feel painful fatigue, it means that the upper limb strength is seriously reduced.


45-year-old male completed 13 minutes in 1 minute?
24, women do 10?
20; 45?
59-year-old male doing 11?
20, female sitting 8?
20, can be regarded as up to standard.

Some people do not hold together or bend their legs when doing push-ups, indicating poor strength of the abdominal muscles or the back muscles.

Li Xiangru suggested that young people do 2 per day?
3 groups of push-ups, perseverance, can maintain and enhance the strength of the upper limbs.

  Lower limb strength: balance the lower jaw.

The squat exercise is the “observation point” of the lower limb strength, which can detect the strength of the hip joint, the knee joint, the gluteus maximus and the like.

The squat movement is simple and easy, you can watch TV, brush your teeth, and read books.

Young people can straighten their feet straight, spread their hands and shoulder width, slowly bend and tilt until the thighs are parallel to the ground, and then slowly return to the original position.

Middle-aged people over the age of 50 can use half a squat, so that the thigh and the ground are 100?
120 degree angle.

Old people over the age of 60 can sit in a chair for testing.

  Evaluation of results: within one minute, 20?
35-year-old male completed 20?
30 times, female 15?
25 times, indicating that the lower limbs are excellent.

30?45-year-old male completed 15?
20, female 12?
18, indicating the health of the lower limbs.
After the age of 50, the above amount can be completed after half a squatting, indicating that the body is basically qualified.

In the absence of support or support, if the elderly over 60 can squat back and forth on the chair?
10 times, indicating that the leg strength is reversed.

If you don’t come down, it means you are old; if you can get down and get up quickly, you can do it many times, indicating that you are still young.

I suggest everyone do 2 every day?
Three groups of squat exercises, 30 in each group, are good for strengthening leg strength.

  Vitality: Grip strength.

The ancients used the “hands without the power of the chicken” to describe the weak scholars, and the strength of the hand can indeed reflect the physical quality of a person.

Li Xiangru said that grip strength is a symbol of vitality.

The British medical journal Lancet has published a report that people with insufficient grip are more likely to have heart disease or stroke.

We can buy a small grip to test at home, observe the grip index, and calculate the grip strength according to the formula: grip strength index = grip strength (kg) / weight (kg) × 100.

  Evaluation of results: 20?
The average grip strength of a 35-year-old male should reach 30?
45 kg, women should be 20?
30 kg, arm strength and strong hand strength can reach more than 70 kg.

50-year-old male should have a grip of 20?
40 kg, female 16?
35 kg.

The study found that for every 1 kg of grip strength, the risk of death was reduced by 3%.

Middle-aged and older people need to pay more attention to the enhanced grip training. If the strength is not enough, you can hold the walnut or the health ball and gradually increase the load.

Li Xiangru said that the grip training time is long, and you will find that work efficiency has also improved.

  Cardiopulmonary function: walking speed.

The University of Pittsburgh study found that walking speed is the “forecaster” of longevity, and the elderly who walk faster than the slower walking.

Li Xiangru also pointed out that the risk of death is reduced by three times and the cardiovascular system is better.
But beware, fast walking is not a runaway, and the heart rate should be kept within the normal range.

  Evaluation of results: within 1 minute, 75 cm per step is the standard, 25?
The number of steps for a 35-year-old adult should be 90?
120 steps, 36?

50 years old, 60?
The 70-year-old population can be reduced by about 10 steps in turn.

In fact, people who walk fast, heart, muscle, bones and other functions are stronger than ordinary people, balance, coordination ability is better, resistance to disease and prevention of accidents is better; if walking slowAnd the heart rate changes greatly, which means that the body function is reduced and the aging is accelerated.

Therefore, people usually need to move more and consciously speed up.

  Balance: Close your eyes before you go.

The older a person is, the faster the balance is reduced, and the crutches are forced.

When closing a single limb, the person only relies on the balanced movement of the vestibular organs of the brain and the coordinated movement of the whole body muscles to maintain the center of gravity.

This action can measure the strength of balance and general condition.

Li Xiangru said that the tip of one foot can effectively exercise the coordination of the brain, and daily persistence can effectively prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

  Evaluation of results: 20?
A 35-year-old young man, with his eyes closed for more than 1 minute, does not faint, indicating that the balance is normal.
If you can’t stand for 1 minute, you need to strengthen your exercise.

36?50-year-old person, the closing time should reach 40?
70 seconds; 50?
60-year-olds should stay for about 30 seconds.

If a person of sixty or seventy years old can hold on for 1 minute, the balance is very “young.”

It is recommended that middle-aged and elderly people do this with an extra foot and then slowly close their eyes. Older people should lean against the wall or hold things.

  Flexibility: Bend your hands and touch the ground.

The human body structure has a very high softness, and regular activities and stretching can enhance flexibility, but often “become” when not moving.

Bending your hands and touching the ground can exercise your waist and abdomen muscles, and stretch your hip muscles and ligaments that are rarely active.

When doing the action, pay attention to the legs upright, the waist bent down, the arms and head drooping, hanging in the air, try to touch the ground with both hands, if you can’t do it, don’t force it.

  Evaluation of results: 20?
A 35-year-old person must touch at least the ground with his hands. The person with strong body flexibility can even hold his legs and put his face on the calf. 36?
A 50-year-old person must at least touch the joints; people over the age of 50 must touch at least the calf position.

Usually, women are softer than men.

Bend over the psoas muscles, exercise at the elbows and knees, stretch the muscles and stretch the hamstrings.

Flexibility reflects the softness of the body. The better the softness, the stronger the physical and vitality. The harder it is, the faster the aging is.

To improve the muscles of the abdomen and legs and the muscles of the waist and abdomen, you can practice this action 3 times a day, 3 groups each time, 2 consecutive times?
3 months can improve body softness.

  Through these simple tests, you don’t have to go to the hospital to have a preliminary understanding of your physical condition.

Li Xiangru said that although these six actions are simple, they are difficult to adhere to.

If we can practice from the youth in our 20s, until the age of sixty or seventy, we can make our lives full of vitality.

Li Xiangru finally reminded that although these tests have certain supplements, they cannot completely replace the comprehensive testing of specialized institutions. If you want to know more about your physical condition, you should go to a medical institution for a comprehensive inspection.

5 mentalities to accelerate aging in the elderly

5 mentalities to accelerate aging in the elderly

As people reach old age, their tempers tend to become weird. The following five kinds of bad psychology will accelerate the aging of the elderly.

  In the twilight years, the body gradually deteriorates, and it is inevitable that his temper will become irritable if he suffers from torture for a long time.

As the saying goes, the older you get, the more strange your temper is.

However, the elderly’s bad mentality will accelerate the aging of the elderly. Let’s take a look at the elderly’s need to avoid certain bad emotions.

  First, depression: Some elderly people are more fragile, and in the face of aging, they are helpless and afraid.

If this mentality is not adjusted in time, it can easily cause depression.

Depressed people are very likely to lose their interest in life, and they are also easily emotional and irritated. They often humiliate themselves, sigh and sigh. In severe cases, they may be suicidal.

  Second, fear of death: The core of older people’s fear of aging is often fear of death.

This kind of psychology often makes the old people afraid of death, afraid to visit sick people, afraid to pass through the cemetery or hear sorrow, even seeing a dead animal is greatly stimulated and afraid to face up.

  Third, partiality: partiality can be expressed as two opposite trends.

One is to negate one-sidedly because of aging, often blame, inferiority, self-pity, self-derogation.

The other is a higher demand for others due to aging, always wanting to be respected and cared for by others, regardless of the actual conditions and abilities of others.

If the hopes are not met, the psychological extremes will be aggravated and the boots will be abandoned.

  Fourth, suspicious: Some elderly people are suspicious because of physical illness, even if they only have some minor injuries, they always think that there is no cure for them.

This kind of illness can make it extremely sensitive to degraded physical functions and emotional stress.

  Fifth, fantasy: As the body gradually gets older, some older people’s desire for longevity will also become stronger.

As a result, they often deceive themselves with fantasy, experience a moment of psychological relief, some kind of love to listen to others’ compliments about their health, etc. Once the body is uncomfortable, it is difficult to accept.

  The above are five kinds of bad emotions that often occur in the elderly.

Everyone gets old, and the elderly need more care and comfort. Therefore, as children, we must not only give our parents material support but also spiritual support.

Take time out of high-level work and often go home and see how to make the elderly happy in their old age.

Nine habits to make women white for life

Nine habits to make women white for life

Whitening is not a temporary issue. If you want to have fair and moisturized skin, you must adhere to the necessary whitening habits for a long time. Although these habits may sound a little troublesome, many whites may even have a beautiful appearance. In the future, people will feel more noble and elegant.And it is easier for women to show taste and quality.

It is said that the four seasons of the year lie in spring. Spring is a good time to cultivate whitening habits and strengthen whitening homework. Don’t wait until sunny summer days to start.


hzh {display: none; }  美白习惯一:防晒是首要  不论天气阴与晴,都要防止紫外线UVB和UVA对皮肤的伤害,这要成为你的习惯。Try to avoid going out when the sun is strong. Applying sunscreen is a powerful weapon to prevent skin tanning, sunburn and photoaging.

Remember to reapply every two or three hours for a complete sun protection program.

  Whitening habit II: Whitening needs to start early in order to expand its whitening lessons. Don’t wait until mid-summer to take measures.

Before the age of 25, the skin is “reversible”, and even if there is melanin, it can slowly whiten back. After the age of 25, the skin is more often changed by the maintenance of whitening products, so that the skin can be restored to fairness.

  Whitening habit III: Vitamins must be vitamins A, C, E, etc. In addition to regulating human body functions and improving immunity, it can also improve skin tissue and inhibit pigmentation.

Usually eat more vitamins, fruits and vegetables, such as tomatoes, hawthorn, oranges, cabbage, etc., can make the skin fair and increase skin vitality.

  Whitening habit 4: Massage to charge the skin. The microvessels inside the dermis layer are divided into two parts: deep and shallow. The deep vessels contain the body to regulate the body temperature. The shallow vessels are responsible for supplying the epidermal nutrition.

Massage has a magical effect on providing oxygen to the skin and enhancing its vitality. Moderate friction can promote blood circulation, accelerate skin blood supply, and make the skin fair and healthy.

  Whitening habit 5: Moisturizing allows the skin to drink tightly packed stratum corneum, a uniform water-soluble fat protective layer and a strong cell membrane are the best natural barriers for the skin. No matter which of them is out of order, our skin will lose water., Dry and dull.

Moisturizing whitening mask once or twice a week is the fastest way to relieve dry skin and make skin hydrated and fair.

  Whitening habit 6: Essential oils awaken skin Basil, lavender, lemon, mint, rosemary, rose and other essential oils can be used as a transfer carrier to transfer the active ingredients of whitening products to the inner layer of the epidermis, so that the skin is radiant and whitening.

  Whitening habit 7: Cleansing is the basis of whitening. Every day you wash your face carefully, you can no longer thoroughly clean the skin, and you can also specially condition the skin to allow the subsequent whitening product ingredients to be better absorbed and achieve the goal of half the effort.

  Whitening habit 8: Tongluo blood circulation Chinese medicine improves circulation whitening habit 9: Happy mood gains whitening faith Whitening brilliance always blooms on happy skin. A relaxed mood can make the skin absorb nutrients in the best state and accelerate metabolism.Let the pores breathe freely and release the whitening energy from the inside out.

What diseases can be trimmed from your eyebrows

What diseases can be trimmed from your eyebrows

Observing the Clinical Significance of Eyebrows According to research, it is found that eyebrows are closely related to the health of the human body, and inspecting the eyebrows can determine the disease.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that eyebrows belong to the foot sun bladder meridian, which relies on the blood of the foot sun meridian to prosper and decline.

Therefore, the thick eyebrows indicate that the kidney is full and strong.

The thin eyebrows indicate that the kidney qi is deficient and weak.

For example, those with straight and dry eyebrow tips may have abnormal menstruation if they are female, and they are more likely to suffer from neurological diseases if they are male.

  Women’s eyebrows are particularly dark and may be related to hyperadrenal function.

  The skin of the eyebrows is thick, and the eyebrows are particularly thin and substitutable. You should check for leprosy, and see your doctor for early treatment.

  The blue color of the two eyebrows is a disease-free normal color. If you see red, it is mostly annoying symptoms.

  In patients with neuropalsy, paralyzed eyebrows bulge above the eyebrows when the unilateral upper eyelids sag.

  Patients with leprosy may experience eyebrow displacement in the early stage; patients with alopecia areata may also have eyebrow replacement symptoms; squinting eyebrows are a sign of crisis;

  At the same time, observing the eyebrows will also help to diagnose the disease.

In patients with hypothyroidism and anterior pituitary hypofunction, the eyebrows are often shifted, and the outer part of the eyebrows is the most obvious. Some women often use force to pull out many “unsatisfactory” eyebrows.

Unless otherwise, plucking out the entire eyebrows, and then struggling to frown, this is a very obstacle to health.

It should be noted that eyebrows are not useless. If the eyes are clear without eyebrows, sweat and rain will flow into the eyes, irritate the cornea and conjunctiva, cause keratitis and conjunctivitis, and can cause corneal ulcers in severe cases.

  Because the nerve blood vessels around the eyebrows are abundant, if the eyebrows are often pulled out, it will easily cause bad stimulation to the nerve blood vessels and cause facial muscle movement disorders, which may cause symptoms such as pain, blurred vision or double vision, and may cause dermatitis and folliculitis.

At the same time, often pulling eyebrows will cause eyelids to relax, increase wrinkles and affect aesthetics.

  Such as hypothyroidism, the upper side of the eyebrows; those with vitiligo, the root hairs of the eyebrows initially turn white; patients with alopecia areata, eyebrows are often replaced overnight.

It can be seen that eyebrows are closely related to health, expression, and disease.

Eyebrow plucking is not good for your health. It can also cause the eye to lose its barrier and expression. It is also often caused by the nerves and blood vessels around the eyebrows. When you pluck your eyebrows, it causes some damage to the nerves and blood vessels, causing facial sensations and movementDisorders, pain, blurred vision, bleeding, dermatitis, folliculitis and some other bad symptoms.

Frequent plucking of the eyebrows will cause the skin on the upper eyelids to sag, droop the upper eyelids, and increase the wrinkles at the corners of the eyes, which will affect the appearance of the face.

  What is needed here is that since eyebrows are so closely related to health, it is not advisable to promote eyebrow plucking.

Does scraping really become more painful and darker?

Does scraping really become more painful and darker?

Many diseases can be treated by scraping, but how can scraping be most effective?

Do you really want to get darker?

Does it really hurt?

  Regardless of the strength of the force, the more effective the scraping is, the better the scraping is, and the darker and more purple the scratch is.

Actually, in general.

Scraping of the problem area will be painful and very slow before red stasis occurs, and the discoloration speed will be slow.

And the normal part is red and fades quickly.

If the scraping site is not correct, the skin red and purple is a microvascular rupture phenomenon, which is not effective and may cause skin and wounds.

  In fact, whether it is acupoint meridian or not, once it is repeatedly patted and squeezed, it will cause pain.

Unhealthy parts will not feel smooth when shaved, and the pain is just “general pain”.

  Under normal circumstances, young people who are healthy will fade in 2-3 hours, and most people disappear within a day.

Even older and seriously ill people disappear in 2-3 hours.

However, if you scrape it hard or scratch it, the scar will not disappear for a week or two.

Some people work harder because they can’t scrape the pimple, but in addition to the wrong method, the pimple can’t be scraped recently or they are too sick to be scraped.

  Other patients who received false scraping felt comfortable after experiencing the pain of death, and mistakenly thought that scraping worked.

In fact, the so-called “pain” followed by “fast” is the normal physiological response of the body after major stimuli.

How stress affects health

How stress affects health

Stress is part of normal life.

Life goes on, things happen-things in and around ourselves can put stress on our bodies.

Stress is everywhere, all the time.

We may be aware of stress in our surroundings, our own bodies, and even our minds.

  How Stress Affects Healthy Humans The body’s most stressful capacity is tolerable.

In a certain range of classes, stress has evidence for our body, which can enable us to respond quickly, have clear thinking, and have some precautions against danger.

However, when a person faces challenges constantly for a long time, without relaxation, it will bring a lot of negative effects to the body.

As a result, you can become overworked or have a physical illness such as stress.

  Continuing to face stress can easily lead to a condition called “grief.”

This is a very stressful reaction to the body.

“Grief” states can show a series of physical characteristics, including headache, stomach pain, elevated blood pressure, chest pain, and insomnia.

  To reduce stress, some people choose to drink, smoke or even use drugs.

In fact, the right way to release stress is to rest.

Their kind of behavior will not reduce stress continuously. On the contrary, this kind of substance will aggravate the accumulation of stress and even bring more difficult problems.

Take a look at the following questions:?

Negative effects of hypertension in 43% of adults?

About 75% -90% of the patients treated by doctors are diseases caused by stress?

Stress has a great impact on the body, and many diseases have the credit for stress.

For example, headache, hypertension, hypertension, diabetes, skin disease, hypertension, arthritis and so on.

At the same time, stress can be easily reduced and tense.


Emotional disorders occur more than 50% of the time in life, and these are caused by long-term, untreated stress.

Simple Hair Care Ten Techniques Family

Simple Hair Care Ten Techniques Family

In daily life, using some simple, safe and practical materials around you, to be a caring person, you can also do good hair maintenance and nursing work, and you can save some additional expenses.

  Qiaozhi Hair Loss · Grapefruit Hair Loss Treatment: If the hair is yellow and alopecia areata, 25 grams of grapefruit core can be used. After soaking in boiling water for 24 hours, apply it 2-3 times a day to accelerate hair growth.

  · Ginger for hair loss: Cut the ginger into pieces, wipe it repeatedly on alopecia areata, and stick it 2-3 times a day to stimulate hair growth.

  Honey egg oil thickens thin hair: If your hair becomes thinner, you can use 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 raw egg yolk, 1 teaspoon of vegetable oil or castor oil, blend with 2 teaspoons of shampoo, and the right amount of onion juiceStir well, apply on the scalp, put on a plastic film cap, and constantly apply a warm towel to the upper part of the cap.

After an hour or two, wash your hair with shampoo.

Persistence will improve your thinning hair.

  Make your hair bright and vinegared: When washing your hair, add a small amount of protein to your shampoo and wash your scalp lightly.

At the same time, after washing the head with the protein-added shampoo, mix the egg yolk and a small amount of vinegar, mix it slowly along the hair, wrap it in a towel for 1 hour, and then wash it with water.Hair with stiffer hair has the effect of resetting black instead of light.

  · Beer: beer coated with hair can not only protect the hair, but also promote hair growth.

When using, wash and dry your hair first, then evenly squeeze 1/8 of the entire bottle of beer on your hair, then do some hand massage to make the beer penetrate the root of your hair.

After 15 minutes, wash your hair with water, and then comb your hair with a wooden comb or horn comb. The effective nutrition in beer has a good therapeutic effect on preventing the hair from drying out, and it can also make the head shine.

  Hair oil: After washing the hair, add 1/3 of the usual hair oil to clean water, completely immerse the hair, and absorb excess water with a dry towel to make the head shine and lubricate.

  Tea: After washing your hair with shampoo and rinsing with tea, you can remove excess dirt and make your hair black and soft and shiny.

  · To remove dandruff, add salt to borax mixture, add it to the basin, and then add an appropriate amount of water to dissolve and wash your hair. It has a good effect on eliminating itchy scalp and reducing dandruff.

  Add 150 ml of vinegar to 1 kg of warm water and stir.

If you can stick to it once a day, it will not only remove dandruff and relieve itching, but also have some effect on reducing hair splitting and noting that the hair turns white.

Dreaming that different water means different

Dreaming that different water means different

Do not think that everyone’s dreams are different, we often have dreams that everyone is dreaming about.

If you have a water-related dream, the content may be one of the following 4 types.

  People who dream of urinating near the river Dreaming of this kind of dreaming, it is obvious that they have a desire to be liberated by sexual desire, and this is achieved through the disguise of urination.

If a boy has such a dream, he usually has nocturnal emission when he wakes up in the morning, and the girl also has an increase in sexual fluid.

  The river in the dream symbolizes the flow of sexual desire. It is likely that the impression of secretions left on the sheets conveyed the subconscious makeup and changed.

  Another possible reason for this dream is that drinking too much water before going to bed leads to strong urine, and the subconscious enters the state of consciousness and causes dreaming.

We often have such experiences, when waking up from a dream, the urination is indeed very strong.

  Dreaming of sinking into the water According to Freud, once a person leaves the mother’s body, there is a desire to return to the mother’s rest.

Therefore, when you dream that you are sinking into the water, this water symbolizes the amniotic fluid in the mother’s body. You may have an oedipal complex or receive too much pressure in real life, so you have the desire to return to the mother’s body.

The action of sinking into water is actually similar to the action when coming out of the mother body.

Everyone comes out of the mother’s body, just like it came out of the water; sinking into the water, on the contrary, symbolizes your desire to be a baby again, so that you can hide in the womb and enjoy 100% safety comfortably.

  The person who dreams of swimming in the water dreams that the person swimming in the water dreams that you may accumulate a lot of urine in the bladder during your sleep, so you have the desire to urinate.

It’s just that this kind of information will not tell you directly in your dreams, but warn you with water all around you, which is also a symbol of your fear of bedwetting.

Although your subconscious is presented with an exaggerated intention, its main purpose is to urge you to go to the “toilet.”

  If you are not a person who is afraid of bedwetting, maybe your dream will not be flood or you are swimming, or even you go to the toilet several times, so that you think you have resolved and you can continue to sleep.

This is a different dream from those who are afraid of bedwetting, because the motivation is completely different.

  What do you dream of when you bathe in a bath?

Different factions have different opinions.

But the most common saying is that you have a subconscious desire for a new life. Perhaps you feel that life is too boring and too monotonous, so you are not satisfied with your current life and want a new life form and feeling.

It’s like falling into the mud, you want to wash off the discomfort as soon as possible.

Therefore, you will have the dream of bathing to suggest that you should change your life.