[Encyclopedia of dried bean stuffing]_Materials_How to make

[Encyclopedia of dried bean stuffing]_Materials_How to make

In the Northeast China, there is a habit of drying dried beans, and then drying them in the sun. In winter, don’t put them in the flavor. In winter, you can use dried beans to stew meat, or you can use dried beans to make buns.Soak the dried beans in warm water.

Then cut the dried beans into small dices.

Add the right amount of pork belly filling and you can use it to wrap the bean curd buns.

It tastes more delicious.

Ingredients for dried bean stuffing stuffing: pork belly, dried bean paste, sweet potato noodles, flour, water, onion ginger seasoning: soy sauce (30 ml), sesame oil, peanut oil, watercress sauce (15 ml), salted dried bean stuffed buns-bun stuffingSecret 1, cut into small pieces of pork belly, add soy sauce, watercress sauce, minced green onion and ginger, and marinate dried beans, soak in water for about an hour, there will be no change after soaking for a long time.Then chop 3, add the right amount of peanut oil and sesame oil to the bean curd, add the pork belly and mix well, add a small spoonful of salt 4, and then add the soft noodles and mix well to share this filling. Everyone is better than me.Well, there are a few key points for this stuffing. 1. Use pork belly, take a closer look at my stuffing. There is enough white meat. This is fragrant. 2. The meat must be diced. Do n’t chop it into meat. 3. The most important thing isYes, be sure to put noodles.

After the noodles are soaked in water, add boiling water and cut into small pieces.

The filling with noodles is particularly moisturizing and won’t be dry and firewoody.

I tried the nutritional value and effect of dried bean jelly without adding noodles. Dried bean jelly can supplement nutrition. Dried bean jelly is a nutritious dish, which can provide a lot of protein for the human body, and a lot of carbohydrates and vitamins.After absorbing these ingredients, it can effectively improve the functions of various organs of the body and reduce the occurrence of various diseases.

2. Dried carob silk can promote digestion. Dried carob silk can promote digestion and increase people’s appetite. It is rich in vitamin B. This vitamin can speed up the secretion of digestive juice and accelerate the movement of the stomach and intestines after entering the human body.It can also inhibit the activity of choline in the human body, so that it can promote digestion and increase appetite, and has a significant relief effect on human appetite loss and indigestion.

3, dried bean carbohydrates can be anti-virus downgraded. A large amount of vitamin C exists in dried bean carbohydrates. After entering the human body, it can accelerate the synthesis of antibodies in the human body, which can inhibit the damage of the virus to human cells. In addition, the phospholipids in dried bean carbohydrates can alsoAccelerating the secretion of insulin in the human body, accelerating the metabolism of sugar in the body, it can have a certain effect on lowering blood sugar, and it is especially suitable for people with diabetes.