[Is oat cold or hot]_Food Properties_Efficacy

[Is oat cold or hot]_Food Properties_Efficacy

Oatmeal is a relatively common miscellaneous cereal. Many people choose to buy oatmeal for brewing and eating. This is convenient and can provide some nutrition for their body.

Of course, many people don’t know whether oats are hot or cold. In fact, some oats are not neutral foods.

And when eating oats, there are certain methods and taboos.

First, whether oats are cold or hot oats are neutral foods.

If you have a debilitating constitution, it is suitable to eat this.

If you have internal heat and hot and humid problems, then this kind of food is not suitable.

Second, how to make oats We all know that oats can be used to cook porridge or rice, but sometimes I get up late in the morning and the time is really poor, so it doesn’t prevent trying to soak the oats with boiling water or hot milk!

We need to extract instant oats, this kind of oats is more suitable for brewing, it can save time, and guarantee the taste!

Then use hot water or hot milk to brew the oats, and continue to stir evenly. You can increase or decrease the ratio of milk to oats according to personal taste preferences, and finally make a thick oatmeal, which is delicious!

In the morning or afternoon tea, it is good to drink some oats. In addition, you can add some dried fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and honey to the oats.

Third, the taboos of eating oats have many benefits, but also pay attention to the ingredients when eating oats.

The proper combination of ingredients brings the nutrition of oats more thoroughly, and the taste of oats will be better; the combination of ingredients of relative grams may cause damage to the human body.

In addition, it is recommended to eat oats at 40 grams per day.

1. Pay attention to the combination of ingredients and oatmeal and milk, which is beneficial for protein, fiber, vitamins, and the absorption of various trace elements; with yam, it can prolong life, and it is a dietetic treat for patients with diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia.It can nourish the liver and stomach, moisturize the bowels, lower blood pressure and blood lipids.

2. It is not suitable to eat too much oatmeal at one time, it is not suitable to eat too much at one time, preferably 40 grams per day, otherwise it will cause gastric ulcer penetration or bloating.

3, the digestive system should not eat more because of high dietary fiber content of oatmeal, so gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, liver cirrhosis, gastric fundus varices and other patients with digestive diseases should not eat more.