Eat more grain staple food can make kidney cure hair loss


Eat more grain staple food can make kidney cure hair loss

Nowadays, more and more people with alopecia are getting younger and younger, which makes many people very upset.

Hair loss is related to the rapid pace of life and work, as well as the mental stress caused by fierce social competition. It is also related to eating habits. Insufficient intake of staple foods is also an important “catalyst” for hair loss.

銆€銆€Chinese medicine believes that the grain can tonify the kidneys, and the kidneys are full of hair.

Due to the lack of blood in the body and the deficiency of kidney essence, the elderly often have hair loss. This is the objective law of the human body, long, strong and old.

Therefore, young people’s hair loss is beyond the influence of the overall image, and may also be a signal of kidney deficiency and blood deficiency in the body. These problems have been considered to be closely related to the lack of staple food replacement, because the lack of intake of staple foods may easily lead to deficiency of blood and blood.Insufficient kidney.

銆€銆€The daily food intake of each healthy adult is about 400 grams, at least not less than 300 grams, even if you are not eating staple food during weight loss.

In addition, proper intake of some foods that can benefit kidney, nourish blood, and hair growth, such as sesame, walnut kernels, longan meat, jujube, etc., will have a great substitute for prevention and treatment of hair loss.