Ten reasons to face sexual masturbation


Ten reasons to face sexual masturbation

The latest research by some of the earliest sexologists can make people’s understanding of masturbation more scientific, profound and perfect, so as to face masturbation with a more calm attitude, which has encountered a lot of criticisms and actually existed in general.the way.


Masturbation is a form of sexual behavior inherent in non-adolescents and singles. Many adult males and females, including married people, can persist in this masturbation throughout their lives.

銆€銆€There is a reliable proof that most adult males and about half of women often masturbate.

Of course, people aged 24-50 have more masturbation, and the frequency of masturbation of singles is higher than that of married people.

But in general, the degree of masturbation is mainly different from person to person, and different people can have a big gap, from rarely once or twice a year to once a day or more.

And all of these situations can be found among people who have a happy couple life.


Masturbation is not necessarily a substitute for heterosexual love.

銆€銆€Of course, sometimes masturbation may be an alternative to a couple’s sexual life, but it is not entirely true, because masturbation itself is a unique form of sexual behavior.

In real life, there are many people who are often eager for couples’ sexual relatives and have a happy couple sex life. They are still happy with masturbation.

銆€銆€In a special study abroad, masturbation or other independent activities are often a component of a person’s higher sexual vitality. Therefore, people who are more often masturbating may have a more extensive husband and wife sex life.

At the same time, some people prefer masturbation in a variety of sexual behaviors, and this is not because they are dissatisfied with the couple’s sexual life.


Masturbation can also be done with the lovers.

銆€銆€What is unexpected in the consultation and treatment activities of sexologists is that there are many lovers who have never talked about masturbation when they talk to each other. Even they often secretly masturbate, but they also want each other.Concealed from each other.

Of course, if the couple can relieve the shame and taboo of masturbation and can communicate with each other on masturbation, this will be an important step to improve the life of the couple.

Some lovers have found that both sides masturbating at the same time or watching their loved ones masturbate is actually a very pleasant way of sexual activity.


There is no such thing as “excessive masturbation”.

銆€銆€A long history of a large number of sexual knowledge books and marriage manuals suggests that if you don’t over-indulge in masturbation, there is nothing wrong with masturbation.

But the reality is that there is no standard of masturbation in the medical field, just like the standard of no substitute for sex life.

According to available information, whether masturbation causes physical damage, and how often it is repeated.

In most cases, people have a self-regulating mechanism for sexual activity. When a person feels that they have been sexually satisfied, he or she will lose interest in sex (including masturbation).

Because a person will experience sexual satisfaction when there are many orgasms, it must be specific to the person and the specific situation.

According to the famous sexologists Masters and Johnson, most of the men they surveyed have doubts about the so-called 鈥渆xcessive masturbation鈥? but each of them has different standards for what is 鈥渆xcessive鈥?

Those who masturbate once a month believe that masturbation once or twice a week is already excessive, and those who usually masturbate twice a day are considered to be excessive five times a day.

銆€銆€5, masturbation is pleasant, but also an effective way to alleviate anxiety. If from a purely physiological point of view, masturbation can indeed provide sexual satisfaction to some people.

Of course, if you are sympathetic to your relatives’ physical relatives in terms of a perfect sexual experience, masturbation may have some shortcomings.

But masturbation often provides a possibility for regular self-stimulation for some people, especially some women, and masturbation often gives them a deeper orgasm than sexual intercourse.

This also allows some effective stimulation techniques for masturbation to be transferred to the sex life of the couple.

However, some surveys show that one-third of college students believe that masturbation is the best alternative to sexual intercourse; about half of college students point out that masturbation is a pleasant and effective way to alleviate anxiety.


Masturbation is an effective way of cognitive experience and sexual response.

銆€銆€Many sexologists today generally believe that masturbation is always a healthy and normal sexual behavior, and it is also a good way to gain beneficial experience.

For men, if they learn how to better control ejaculation in the early stages of masturbation, they may have altered self-control in later sexual life; of course, if they try to masturbate in their early years,Rebound to reach orgasm, then there may be premature ejaculation in later sexual life.

For women, masturbation helps them better understand orgasm and how to do it to reach a climax.

Therefore, many of today’s sexual therapy training methods are based on masturbation.銆€銆€In fact, people have long discovered that women who have reached orgasm during masturbation are more likely to reach orgasm in the sexual life of couples in the future, and often have more seriousSexual desires, higher levels of sexual satisfaction and good self-evaluation.


Masturbation does not lead to weakness and distraction.

銆€銆€When the myth about masturbation can trigger various diseases, people understand that there is actually no morbidity caused by constant masturbation.

In the past, some sports coaches have warned athletes to avoid masturbation and other forms of sexual behavior in the face of the competition, because it will consume energy.

Because orgasm does relieve tension and makes people feel relaxed, so too many athletes say that the necessary sexual behavior helps them to win, and masturbation does not cause the body to lose a lot of function.


Frequent masturbation does not ultimately make men lose sperm.

銆€銆€It is widely said that the number of sperm that a male body can produce in a lifetime has a limited volume, and each ejaculation will cause the man to consume too much sperm.

In fact, from the time of sexual maturity to the old age, the insulin pellets that produce sperm have remained active, and sperm production will not stop after a certain number of orgasms are completed.

It turns out that the more sexually active a man is in his youth, the more his sexual vitality will be in the later stages of life, and the more sperm will be expelled from the body and ejaculation.


Masturbation does not cause homosexual behavior.

銆€銆€Many people question whether masturbation can affect a person’s sexual orientation and lead to homosexuality.

This is probably because masturbation is the pleasure that people get from their genitals and the pleasure of getting from the same sex.

This is totally unfounded.

The reality is that heterosexual, homosexual or bisexual people will have masturbation.


Masturbation is not essential.

銆€銆€Some people, especially some men, believe that lack of orgasm can cause damage to the human body. They worry that the accumulation of sperm or semen, or erection after erection does not reach high tide, ejaculation will endanger health.

Usually, the ability of the human body to produce sperm is accompanied by sexual vitality. When it is full, it will overflow, and the human body will adjust itself. It is not necessary to replace the semen.

Therefore, although masturbation has certain positive significance in human sexual experience, it is not essential for the physiological and psychological development.