Summer feels inexplicably irritated?


It turned out to be because of these!

Summer feels inexplicably irritated?
It turned out to be because of these!

The summer is hot and it makes people feel very annoyed.

If you encounter a little friction at this time, someone will explode in an instant.

The temper is hot by the sun, and there is no patience in doing things.

This state may be caused by the external environment affecting the balance of the body, as well as the mental stress.

External causes are hot and hot, sometimes sultry, people’s emotions are very depressed, no place is released, and the body is also very uncomfortable in the external high temperature environment.

In addition, the daytime time is shortened in summer, and the heat and humidity are continuously increased. People’s mental excitement is longer, so that the brain feels more exhausted and weaker in emotional management. At this time, it is more likely to cause other psychological problems.

The internal control itself has insufficient emotional control, or has a past history of depression. In a bad mood, it is more prone to physical changes, such as neurasthenia, loss of appetite, insomnia and so on.

Physical discomfort and psychological discomfort aggravate the cause of summer irritability.

There are several kinds of irritability in summer, and the discomfort leads to a depressed climate, which creates a favorable environment for bacteria and viruses.

Therefore, summer is very easy to infect some infectious diseases, some summer flu, upper respiratory tract infections, gastrointestinal diseases, etc., or the arrival of women’s physiological period, high temperature heat stroke and other factors cause physical discomfort.

In the state of illness, the human physiological state is not good, and the natural emotional state is also very low and depressed.

For this kind of unhappiness caused by physical discomfort, we mainly start from the aspect of treating diseases, and properly adjust the mentality. When the body heals, the health takes up the high ground. At that time, the depressed mood naturally subsides.

2, people who cause affective disorder generally believe that the fall season in autumn or winter is more likely to cause depression, depression, but it is not. In the hot zone, the incidence of affective disorder in summer is higher than that in winter.Rate, as for this kind of emotional disorder, in simple terms, the mood is always low, and the adjustment is not enough, and I feel that I can’t change.

The more obvious physiological performance is to lose weight, worry, worry, loss of appetite, no passion and motivation to do things, inexplicably feel depressed.

For getting out of the summer emotional disorder, we must first ensure the law of life, adjust our work schedule, and let sleep and diet be restored, so that the body can slowly improve.

Psychologically can participate in some social activities, communicate with people, can also participate in some sports, release the body’s repression, of course, there is an effective way to sit and meditate, sit up and sleep before going to bed, sit quietly, empty the head, thisMeditation can significantly increase the hormones in the brain that resist depression, and gradually get out of the summer emotional disorders.

3, emotional stress caused by psychological stress to suppress the increase in the length of summer chalk, a large number of workers may work harder and work overtime in the summer, play outside on weekends, give them time to rest, high temperature and a tight life, will makeThe pressure in the human heart rises, feeling nervous, contradictory and worried, and the mood will inevitably feel depressed and uncomfortable.

In order to deal with this situation, the most important thing is to relax and give yourself some leisure time. You can do a foot reflexology or a massage to relax your body and mind. From the stressful work or study state, take a break.A short break can bring a good healing effect to your mind.

4, there is no reason, it is irritability. Of course, some people are not in line with the above situations, there is no pressure, there is no disease, but it is feeling upset, don’t worry, this situation also exists.

Everyone has an emotional ups and downs, just as the body sometimes feels very spiritual and sometimes has no strength.

So in a month we will have a short period of depression, without interrupting it, just like having a cold in the mood, patiently accompanying yourself and waiting for it.

At this point we can do something to ease the mood, and people who feel depressed and irritated can do it.

Music listening to music always has a unique effect of comforting people’s emotions. When the mood is not good, we try not to listen to too noisy songs. It is best to choose soothing or cheerful light music. In the melody of music, let your mood go withRelax and beat.

You can’t make mistakes in cleaning. This method of doing housework can divert attention very well. You can also exercise by the way, and you can see that you have cleaned up your home, and you have a good mood.

Finally, when you are in a bad mood, don’t try to compete with yourself. The more you want to be, the more unhappy you are. Try to do something else to divert your attention, run, hike, climb, swim and the like.

Helps the body to relax and exercise, which also helps us to vent and soothe.

Keep a good physical condition, maintain a good mental state, and wish you a happy life?