Is the habit of drinking water while eating and eating harmful to the body?


Is the habit of drinking water while eating and eating harmful to the body?

Have you found a problem, you will always unknowingly want to drink water when you eat, because Xiaobian also has the habit of eating while drinking water.

Then, is this habit very bad?

Is it harmful to the body?
In the case of dry food and insufficient secretion of saliva, it is no problem to drink some water when eating.

Especially for high-pressure mouth, throat disease, or the elderly, children, etc., soft food is easy to swallow.

Under normal circumstances, once the smell of the food is smelled, the saliva is secreted in the mouth. The saliva can also lubricate the food while the food is digested, and the brakes are swallowed.

In addition, when chewing food, it will further stimulate saliva secretion. Therefore, chewing slowly is more conducive to swallowing and digesting food, rather than using water to help swallow.

The digestion of food is mainly done in the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking water may reduce the concentration of saliva and replace part of the gastric juice, resulting in poor digestion and absorption of food.

Therefore, it is generally not recommended to drink while eating.

If you feel dry mouth, you can drink a bowl of soup before meals, and drink a little bit in the rice. The protein, oil and other ingredients contained in the soup will also stimulate the production of digestive juice, which can replace the absorption of digestive juice to a certain extent.The negative consequences.

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